How Skin Health Equals Mental Health

Think makeup and skincare is just all vanity and slick marketing? Don’t blame you, that is what most of us think. But, wait, there’s more- much more.

So, has a skin condition ever been part of a reason you did not socialize-or go to work? You are not alone!

How we feel about the way we look can affect us in many ways. Sometimes we even cancel out on social events and work because of how we feel about how we look. What happens when we don’t show up in life? Missed opportunities.

Skin conditions affect A LOT of people. 

Rosacea is a leading skin condition that frustrates millions each year. As shared by @thechristinereport and @mettalusso
Rosacea is a leading skin condition

Did you know that there are at least 1 Million doctors appointments each years just for conditions related to Rosacea? 

Rosacea. Just this one condition- and so much frustration each and every year. There is no cure either. The medical community barely understands the direct links and causes to a flare up.

Rosacea triggers have been identified- however they can be unique to each individual and frustratingly inconsistent too.

There are a million dermatologist appointments every year just for Rosacea by @thechristinereport @mettalusso
There are A MILLION Dermatologist appointments EVERY YEAR just for Rosacea

All skin tones are affected too. Rosacea can happen to anyone. Rosacea is easy to reference because with so many suffers, there is so much attention paid to it. Acne is another big skin condition.

Skin conditions can persist with any skin tone including rosacea by @thechristinereport and @mettalusso
Skin Conditions Can Persist With Any Skin Tone

Here’s where the mental health part comes in. How we feel about the way we look is important. Dealing with a skin issue can feel bad. Ever cancel a social or work engagement because of it? You are not alone! We all have skin issues at times. Studies show, up to 25% of us have had our lives affected by a skin condition.

Have you heard of psychodermatology? A psychodermatologist cares for someone as they link skin health to mental health. 

This is why at Mettalusso, the Mission is Mental Health. Not a common them for a makeup/skin care/pet care brand! But I know that without a doubt, that skin health and mental health are totally linked!

Most importantly, if a skin condition has affected you, I want you to realize that you are definitely not alone.

XOXOXO, A fellow sufferer of skin conditions and founder of Mettaluso

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