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METTALUSSO Collabs with IG Influencer @beautybychey._

“Thank you for all the support & I’m excited to announce our #giveaway with some AMAZING brands 😍”

Products included:

@herprettiboutique_  lashes & lash accessories

@mettalusso  cbd hand lotion & contour/ trio concealer mix

@taysglamcosmetics  sample lipgloss & lash n brow serum

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Giveaway is UNITED STATES ONLY. 1 Winner Announced.

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Free Mascara Promotion by METTALUSSO! While Supplies Last.

MULTI Mascara by METTALUSSO is offering a free mascara with any purchase. Very cool mascara has 2 apps. Vegan. $24 value. check it out at FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS. Everyday luxury products with Makeup, Style and Fashion for people and pets!

Metta means love. Lusso means luxury.

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Sizzle Reel Announcing Original Content Series: Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey

METTALUSSO Media announces the upcoming release of our original series Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey. Mettie + Lunah Lusso are cousins. They are very close and we participate as we go through life together. Their lives are our lives. The story is all about the entire Lusso Family and their relatives across the world. Each weekly episode is called a “MOMENT”. At the end of each MOMENT is a question that everybody can answer, share their experiences and relate. The questions is called the “MULL” because we mull it over together. Enjoy the Journey!

METTALUSSO Meet The Influencer Series

Think you know Influencers? Think again! METTALUSSO Meet the Influencer series shares the inside profile on the amazing talent we get to work with. Meet Donna. Her day job is super hectic. She is a social worker on Staten Island. On the weekends, works as a professional makeup artist for brides, proms and all other special occasions. As if that is not enough, she also donates her makeup artistry skills to women receiving  treatment for breast cancer. Donna is a pretty amazing professional in so many ways! She juggles it all and is a role model to her daughters too. We are so proud to have the privilege to work with her!!!

Find Donna on Instagram @thebeautytherapistmua  On Facebook

and Her website:

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MIX – a New Concept in Makeup

MIX is not about the perfect shade match! Create the look you want. Bold but natural look with real shades & rich pigments. METTALUSSO MIX MULTI Liquid COLOR is a whole new experience in color makeup.







The massive pigment load provides endless options. You have complete freedom to create the look you want.

Use any shade as a color base, to contour or highlight, correct or  conceal.

Use MIX anywhere on face and eyelids too! Extreme options. Use as a color base on face, eyelids and around the mouth and nose. Conceal under eye circles and facial spots. Contour where desired. Highlight. Use all over for maximum coverage. MIX shades for custom needs and artistic effects. 

1 Formula – 3 Shades 

Endless Options

MIX Product Concept

MIX is your freedom to create.  MIX stabilizes your look.  

The unified base formula across shades means more options to create, color, correct, contour and conceal. MIX is designed for a greater look and stability with less product that lasts longer. Less separation during wear means less need for touchups, less makeup layers and a more natural look. 

Exclusively at

How to Use MIX: 

MIX is not about the perfect shade match. It is about creating the look you want. Create a bold but natural look with real shades and rich pigments.

1. As a base for eyelids, or contour the crease- or do both! Alter the color of your eyeshadow with any underlying shade of MIX as an eyelid base. 

2. Use as a base layer. Finish with shadows and powders.

3. Use as a spot cover.

4. Use to camouflage undereye circles, around the nose, lipline, for scars and spots.

5. Use as a contour on the nose, cheeks, jawline and circumference of the face.

6. Smoke out on the lower lash line. 

7. Combine shades and create your own custom color. 

8. Travel size goes everywhere. High pigment load for major coverage.

Available in 3 shades. Light, Medium and Dark. Medium matte texture.


  • Buy All 3 and Get 15% off. Enter Code MIX3 on checkout. You also receive the METTALUSSO METHOD Detail Brush #2 for free!
  • Buy 2 and Get 10% off. Enter Code MIX2 on checkout.


Use MIX as you need it or want it! Use MIX as your imagination allows! Apply with a brush, fingers, sponge or as desired. The mega-pigment load means very little product creates massive coverage and effects. The universal base formula allows for complete blending.

Conceal + Correct + Contour with endless options. 


Safe for use as eyelid base. Use as an under eye concealer. Cover spot imperfections or use all over. Highlight. Contour. MIX shades to create your own custom blend. 

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Mettalusso®Love + Luxury

Metta means love. Lusso means luxury. Experience Mettalusso® in your life. Mettalusso® is a very special world of entertainment and luxury product. Enjoy the product and enjoy Mettalusso® Moments; these are the stories of Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey©.

Meet The Influencer Series

Meet The Influencer Series by METTALUSSO- Meet Shubhi!

METTALUSSO MEDIA Meet The Influencer Series continues as we celebrate the amazing talent we work with. Think you know influencers? Think again!  On our team is Shubhi. We don’t know how she does it all. By day, she is a computer engineer. As an influencer, she gets to share and her express her great taste and feminine style. Its a nice break outside of her male dominated industry!

Shubhi says “When you look confident, you feel confident and you inspire others to follow their own dreams”. 

We couldn’t agree more.

You can find Shubi on Instagram @shubhi209

See more at

METTALUSSO is multi-media entertainment and everyday luxury product.

The NBA, Dolce & Gabbana and China Live In A Parallel Universe

The NBA and Dolce & Gabbana find themselves in a parallel universe. Offended by their advertising, Dolce & Gabbana was also banned by the Chinese government and society. It was a news story without traction much beyond fashion industry circles.  An international luxury brand having issues in China seemed far away and not very relatable.

Now that a similar situation has hit the NBA, it is massive mainstream news.

The back story: About a year ago, Dolce & Gabbana ran three 40 second advertising spots on social media. They were designed with the intent to show their love for the Chinese consumer while being irreverent and endearing. Instead, the entire country of China took them as offensive and insensitive. Within days, founders Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana issued a lengthy apology on Twitter.

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce Issue Their Profound Apology

Compare this to the reaction and response by Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner.

“The long held values of the NBA are to support freedom of expression…we hope our Chinese fans and our partners in China, they will see those remarks in the context of now and a three decade, if not longer, relationship.”

Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner October 9, 2019

Two very different apology styles.

A year from now, what will this look like for the NBA?

This is Dolce & Gabbana’s reality one year later.-

The Dolce & Gabbana punishment shows in revenue, media metrics and the always-important engine of luxury status branding: celebrity pop culture. Various reports indicate that social media reach has declined by 65% and their Asian region revenue is down by as much as 25%. Dolce & Gabbana is a significant operation at $1.5B USD. By any standard, these are very real numbers. In effort to protect their global careers, US celebrities are reportedly eschewing Dolce & Gabbana’s fashion on the red carpet and earlier this year, the model in their ads issued statements of apologies and regrets.

What’s at stake-

NBA China is worth $4B USD.

The Parallel Universe of Fashion, Sports and International Relations

The cross-dynamics of all this are quite mind-blowing. The US and China trade negotiations are carrying on and the two countries are blacklisting each other’s companies. The head of the Chinese Basketball Association is Hall of Famer Yao Ming, who had played his entire US career in Houston. Unbelievably, this the same team from which the much hated tweet originated. Tencent, the Chinese streaming video platform that hosts the NBA, recently signed their contract extension for $1.5B. Now Chinese fans want refunds due to the halt. Tencent’s Music Division trades on the NYSE and it is currently in a class action lawsuit for false and misleading statements. Then, of course there is the entire reason and motivation behind the Houston coach’s tweet- Hong Kong’s social unrest and rioting.

Global Dynamics

There is much analyses and parsing of the situation. It’s all basically moot. Dolce & Gabbana apologized profusely. Adam Silver’s apology is highly conditional. Do either really matter? Following their leader in an utterly unwavering manner is bedrock to Chinese society. So, it seems that short of a complete exoneration by President Xi Jinping himself, this status will continue for both the fashion house as well as the sports franchise.  

How long it continues is the real question.

Thank You Influencers!!! MIST by METTALUSSO. Vegan Makeup Remover.

Phenomenal share and huge thanks to all of the #Influencers that worked so hard this week.

Tons of compliments on our MIST product. So many emails saying this product is a #Gamechanger for #makeup removal. Vegan and Oil Free.
So grateful. Thank you #MUA #makeupartist!
Lets celebrate this launch with a discount!

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Meet the Influencer– METTALUSSO Celebrates Influencer Series

Influencers are human too! METTALUSSO celebrates the efforts of Influencers and the work they put into putting it out there. Meet Nichole. From PA, she always dreamed of being a makeup artist and like all of us, has had to face her challenges to finish her certification program. We celebrate Nichole’s leadership and determination and the pursuit of her dreams. #MUA #makeupaddict #cosmetics #influencer #leadership #goals #motivation #beauty #luxury. Presented by METTALUSSO. Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury.

Goop, Detox Market Give ‘Common Sense’ Rules @BeautyTechLA – FaB Event

The recent @BeautyTechLA – Los Angeles FaB Event was full of good vibes and good feedback at its second annual gathering. It was easy to enjoy the breezy late summer weather, beautiful nosh, open bar and secluded ocean-view rooftop.  The stage was set for relaxed industry camaraderie. 

@BeautyTechLA Event

Beauty start-ups and indie brands are hot topics. The event pressed evenly on two leading issues. For start-ups raising capital, the dedicated panelists offered detailed direction along with their humorous and humbling personal experiences.

For the consumer-minded, it was an effort to articulate a single definition of ‘clean beauty’.  Just like the term ‘natural’, ‘clean beauty’ also holds no exacting legal framework. Panelists shared their individual stories of what clean beauty means to their brand and how they authenticate that with their consumer. 

Beautiful Rooftop Venue for the @BeautyTechLA Event, photo courtesy LUK Network

In near verbal unison, Romain Gaillard, founder of The Detox Market and Elise Loehnen, Chief Content Officer, Goop, offered their guidance on the matter. They agreed that the consumer should research brands closely. They then elaborated on the extreme extent that goes into vetting the brands that they each carry. Gaillard and Loehnen stated, “…let common sense…be your best guide”, and that the consumer should look closely into all that the brand stands for.

Goop and Detox Market offer common sense and their extreme vetting as the best solutions for finding ideal ‘clean beauty’ brands, photo courtesy LUK Network
Fantastic Food and Drinks at @BeautyTechLA, photo courtesy LUK Network

The brands nodded enthusiastically and described the process as the most vigorous they had ever been through.

Although ‘clean beauty’ has no one single or legal definition, gatekeepers like Goop and Detox Market make the effort of finding it much easier.