What Do You Miss?

That moment when you see your friend and you compliment each other. For real. I love that instant.
One of the many things we miss. Getting out, dressing up and seeing each other more.
What do you miss? LMK your thoughts and it could be transformed into a MOMENT! Shared tag, of course.

I created Mettie and Lunah. They are like a real part of my life now! MOMENTS tell the little, but meaningful stories we hear, think and feel about.
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MOMENTS: Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey. Characters I created to share the small but meaningful moments in life we hear, think and feel about.


My Influencers Are Like Angels To Me

So much has been said about the state of influencers – if they are good, bad or truthful. I get all that. Maybe I am just lucky right now, but all I have are good things to share.

Truth is, I am GREAT at making makeup, but I SUCK at putting it on. Same for styling my hair. I just can’t do it. Frankly, I do not understand how influencers do it either. How in the world do they stare into a camera and put makeup on at the same time? I’ve tried, believe me you do not want to see that beauty train wreck happening!

Love this. This is Donna, she is amazing and a true pro.

I send them makeup and like angels, these beautiful looks appear. Follow @thebeautytherapistmua on Insta. Donna is a professional makeup artist and a was a Social Worker too. What a combo!

Here is Jazmine- another incredibly talented micro influencer. A huge spirit and a sassy sense of humor too.

This is Jazmine, check her on Insta with @muajazmine

Here is a before and after video with Jazmine, I added in the specific product, so people knew what she was using from my brand, Mettalusso.

Jazmine does a before and after with a full tutorial with Valentine’s in mind

Our globetrotter -here’s Sindia. Stunning style. She constantly seems to be off somewhere in some glamorous location in a far-away city. If you like adventure, style, makeup and travel all wrapped up in one beautiful woman, then she is definitely one to try and keep up with.

Sindia shared so many looks in one series that I created a special montage just to celebrate her style. Find her @beautywithsindia + @travelwithsindia
Mettalusso loves their influencers for makeup an style
Sindia effortless gives us the perfect winged eyeliner look in a crop top overlooking some glamorous city. Of course.

However these ladies do it, I am grateful and know it’s a lot of work. No matter how much bad press the Creator/Influencer Society gets, I know the good side. My plan is to keep staying on my side and keep making makeup, stay out of their way and let them do the sharing part.

Launching Mettacoin Cryptocurrency

Announcing the arrival and the development of Mettacoin! Mettacoin cryptocurrency is a part of the Mettalusso family! It is the world’s first cryptocurrency – a stable coin – with the theme of love. Mettalusso believes skin health supports mental health.

Love is also critical to mental health and this is our Mission. 


This is in development now….just a sneak peek at what we hope is in store. Stay tuned as details are finalized.


Mettacoin is the world’s 1st cryptocurrency created by a consumer product company and brand. Mettacoin is different from most cryptocurrency you hear about in the news. Mettacoin is a stable coin. Stable coin is cryptocurrency that is backed by real money- the kind you use everyday.

Mettacoin design. Stable Coin in Development. Stay Tuned as Details Are Finalized!


When you buy products from Mettalusso, you get points. Your points can be used in many ways! You can redeem them for discounts, new purchases AND you can use them in exchange to receive Mettacoin. THEN, you can trade your Mettacoin in to buy products and services wherever Mettacoin is accepted. 


This is the most exciting part. You can also trade in your Mettacoin for cash. Just sign up with our exchange partner and your transaction is processed from there. You can also choose from many other options such as trading and investing. 

A portion of proceeds will go to an amazing cause too! Purchase percentages of Mettalusso products and the corresponding Mettacoin transactions will go to support the Mettalusso MORIIS project. MORIIS is our initiative with the goal of making much needed OTC skincare formulas widely available at reasonable prices. Learn more about MORIIS + MISSION: Good Skin at mettalusso.com

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The Difference Between Makeup Primer Formulas

I have made so much makeup. My job was to coordinate the development and manufacturing of my clients’ products. I was behind the scenes with many major brands. Makeup starts out as chemistry, then, it has to be manufactured, …then it has to be marketed. A lot goes into it. I love the process. It totally appeals to both of my brain halves.

I recall making a big launch with a major brand and their top-top #1 global Primer lineup. It was a super important project. Problem was, I didn’t get it. As popular as it was, the formula just did not work for me.

I tried and tried and tried – but the Primer formulas I was making for a top client just did not work for me.

So, when I launched my own brand- Creating a Primer that DID work for me, was a top priority.

Why didn’t those formulas work on my skin?

It is mostly due to the silicones. They make the top layer of the skin feel gorgeous. But, for me, they made my makeup slide down my face, change color and created the need to touch up way more.

Silicones are a primary ingredient in most Primers. They work for many – But not me.

This is how I created Makeup Manager. The vegan skincare complex creates an actual bonding sensation. Yet, it’s colorless and feels weightless.

Check the short video. I try to explain further why your makeup doesn’t last all day. Makeup Manager makes it happen. Naturally. Color stays longer and more true. Less touch ups. It totally works.

Vegan. Colorless. Weightless feel. For all skin types.

Full skincare complex with peptides + tea + botanical extracts.

Silicone free. Cruelty free.

Makeup Manager Vegan Primer with Skincare

Make your makeup last longer. Touch up less. Keep color more true. Powered by vegan skincare ingredients, not silicones. Free standard shipping in the US. Be sure to use code ‘love’ for $5 off. Mettalusso. Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury. Questions? email love@mettalusso.com Learn more at http://www.mettalusso.com


My Bio (the short version!):

💯Celebrity Biz: 💋Managed Kardashian Skincare, 💉Created Kat von D Makeup, 👱‍♀️ Marketed Denise Richards Haircare📺 TV Content Creator @discoverytv Makeover Reality Show ’10 Years Younger’
No Boring White or Pink Boxes Here – Vegan is Glam at Mettalusso! Come See How It’s Done.

Mettalusso Believes Skin Health Supports Mental Health.

Creating Love with pet + skincare + beauty products.
Free Shipping! (standard delivery US only)Code ‘love’ for $5 off.www.mettalusso.com

Vegan Is Glam Here. Come Check How It’s Done.

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Dinner Party Questions

It is the season for dinner parties. So, when people find out I make makeup and skincare and pet products….I get questions.

A Very Common Question Once Everyone Finds Out I make Makeup and Skincare Products For A Living at http://mettalusso.com

Like: 💋Why does my makeup look grey on my face during the day?

😄What is the best skin products for acne – wrinkles – dry skin – sensitive skin…???

As the founder of Mettalusso, I get asked all the time what is the best skincare?
I Get Asked All The Time – what is the best skincare for this…or for that…?http://mettalusso.com

But- a really good one popped up the other day…”What is the difference between your skincare and other brands?” LOVE THIS. I have been making product forever and one thing I have noticed along the way is that most others make their skincare formulas on a stand-alone basis. It’s tested it for how effective it is – great – BUT they never test it to see what happens to your makeup after you layer it on top of the skincare.

That is it. This is my answer – I must have high performing ingredients – BUT – the formulas MUST POWER UP Your Makeup.

I create skincare for daily use that truly makes makeup last longer, keep color better + creates a more stable texture. This means you can wear less makeup, touch up less + have all the nourishment your skin needs from the underlying skincare.

It’s my Mission for daytime skincare. I have made Primers for so many different brands, so I am especially passionate on this topic.

Vegan too! 2 Primers @mettalusso – one tinted + one colorless. You will actually feel the bonding happening. It’s super cool. Your foundation and concealer will perform like never before.

Remember from our last lesson – Skin CARE and Skin TREATMENT are NOT the same thing! Please connect anytime if you have any questions too- I love it.

Me: Created by @thechristinereport Bio: 💯Celebrity Biz:

💋Managed Kardashian Skincare

💉Created Kat von D Makeup

👱‍♀️ Marketed Denise Richards Haircare 📺 TV Content Creator @discoverytv Makeover Reality Show ’10 Years Younger’

No Boring White or Pink Boxes Here – Vegan is Glam at Mettalusso! Mettalusso Believes Skin Health Supports Mental Health.

Creating Love with pet + skincare + beauty products.

Free Shipping! (standard delivery US only) Code ‘love’ for $5 off. http://www.mettalusso.com Vegan Is Glam Here.

Come Check How It’s Done.

Positioning + The “BIG” Peloton Death

NOW ON PODCAST Too- enjoy in just 7 minutes: https://anchor.fm/thechristinereport/episodes/Positioning–The-BIG-Peloton-Death-e1budjo

When I enjoy entertainment, I am just like any other fan – except with a bit of a twist. My marketing mind is always on dual blast. I can’t help it. It’s the same thing when I walk into a retail store.

This is what goes on. On one level, I am totally into the entertainment. On the other level, I am analyzing everything. It’s simultaneous. Sounds exhausting, I know, but I actually love it. In digital, it’s scripts, scenery, wardrobes and characters. At retail, I check signage, floor layout, promotions, the music being played and displays.

The Brain in multiple modes of simultaneous between joy + analysis.

So, when the new ‘Sex In The City series extension ‘And Just Like That’ premiered on HBO MAX plot turned sad, my mind went into hyper-analysis to try and figure it all out.

…oh wait a minute…there is still supposed to be a spoiler alert inserted here?.?.?.

Spoiler Alert! Just in Case You Have Not Seen the ‘Sex In The City’ extension series ‘And Just Like That’

OK, ready? By now, we all know that Chris Noth, aka ‘Big’, dies of a heart attack immediately after a home-based Peloton class. Sent fans reeling!

It also sent Peloton reeling. I also heard that, supposedly, that Peloton had agreed to be in the series, but did not know this was the plot twist. We can save that supposed corporate blunder and detail for another discussion. This is about the Peloton PR Crisis disaster.

Instant PR crisis time. From a purely fictional show, the rap on Peloton quickly shifted to a ‘Death by Peloton’ moment. Their public stock sank. Worse yet, this is on the heels of a real-life incident where a family lost their child in a Peloton related accident earlier this year.

Mr. Big dies after a Peloton Ride-what this teaches us about a PR crisis- by @thechristinereport
The Scene of Peloton Ride and Death of Mr. Big in HBO’s New Series “And Just Like That”.

“Having a PR Crisis” – is a term we have heard many times. It’s also a huge topic. When we, as marketers, go in for the fix, we have to be very focused in crafting the attack plan. The focus in this instance is POSITIONING. Peloton’s sudden problem became their POSITIONING. Positioning is one of my favorite concepts. It is always 2-sided. We often forget that. In a positive sense, Positioning is something positive that we craft for a brand, a company and even for ourselves. Lots of effort goes into creating proper Positioning. But – it is also something that can be DONE to a brand. In other words – something can be shockingly RE-POSITIONED from an outside source any day, any time.

It can happen to brands, companies, product and people too!

RE-Positioning Is Something That – From An Outside and Unrelated Source – Can Happen To Any Brand, Company or Person Any Day or Time.

Peloton Went From A Company That Created Health to One That Can Cause Death. That’s RE-Positioning in real time.

Peloton responded immediately. In only a couple days, they had their message out. In a TV ad Chris Noth and Ryan Reynolds vouched that he was very much alive. It was great. It was upbeat.

Then, in another crazy turn of events, Noth is accused out-of-the-blue of rape and sexual harassment. It’s by 2 women he met a very long time ago. The upbeat star-studded ad gets pulled.

Peloton + Noth Handle Their Crisis in Positioning – Only To Have Noth Be Suddenly Accused Of Sexual Assault Charges – The RE-Positioning Happens Again

RE-Positioning can happen unexpectedly, suddenly and to anything or anyone in our personal and professional lives.

Always watch positioning. For yourself, your brand and company – everything. Because, it can change…..Just Like That.

Your Toner Gentle Enough for The Eye Orbital Area?

Yours truly. Putting my product where my mouth is! (as the saying goes).Yes, that is me putting it around my eyes this morning. Would you put your current Toner on the delicate orbital area around your eyes?
😗If the answer is no, please reconsider your Toner!

Is Your Toner Gentle Enough For Your Orbital Eye Area? MAY SPRAY is a Toner that functions as Skincare

🥰I needed something that could cleanse and condition my pores without drying my skin. Could not tolerate witch hazel around my eyes. So I made MAY SPRAY.👁The Eye Orbital Area. The delicate area. We constantly try to protect and nourish it.

💋MAY SPRAY. Skincare that functions as Toner.🥗Vegan.💯FULL of skincare ingredients that replenish, condition, calm, cleanse and restore.
Use Holiday Code ‘Metta’ for $10 off all!

All Gifts in Stock! Free Shipping! (standard delivery US only)
No Boring White or Pink Boxes Here – Vegan is Glam at Mettalusso! Come See How It’s Done. Mettalusso Believes Skin Health Supports Mental Health. We create Love with our pet + skincare + beauty products.

Vegan Is Glam Here. Come Check How It’s Done.
💯Celebrity Biz:💋Managed Kardashian Skincare

💉Created Kat von D Makeup

👱‍♀️ Marketed Denise Richards Haircare

📺 TV Content Creator @discoverytv Makeover Reality Show ’10 Years Younger’

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Australia Seeks to Reveal Social Media Trolls

Tired of trolls, hate and the anonymity on social media that allows it? Then, you might find this interesting.
Australia may be paving the way.

Australia Seeks to Reveal Social Media Trolls. Breaking news on Sunday is that the Australian government is taking additional steps towards making social media platforms, a news media company on that platform and the individual that creates a hateful or untrue post on their account, liable and/or exposed for it.
For example, lets just say that a magazine has a social media account. Then, one of their readers posts harmful content on their initial post-then the media company is responsible-because it was their original post that started it.

Will Australia’s efforts help stop hateful social media posts?

THEN, if a complaint is made about the harmful post, the Social Media platform that the posts are on, could be required to reveal the contact information of the person that wrote it. OR, they too could receive a case against them.
The news giant, CNN, took big action from this ruling-

In September @wsj reported on @cnn : “Facebook users in Australia will no longer have access to major pages run by the network, including its primary Facebook page, its CNN International page and pages dedicated to its shows, a CNN spokeswoman said.
CNN, a unit of AT&T Inc.’s WarnerMedia, appears to be the first major U.S. media organization to publicly restrict Australian access to its Facebook pages following a ruling this month from the High Court of Australia that made news organizations legally liable for comments on their Facebook pages.”

Will this position trickle across the globe, or will the Aussies be alone in their position? You can bet US politicians are watching.

From your grateful author. Founder of Mettalusso, the world’s 1st brand of vegan products for people + pets and avid social media user.

Hyaluronic Acid and @itzlatoya on MAY SPRAY

@itzlotoya is totally right! When it comes to the best toner formula- it’s all about the Hyaluronic Acid. That’s MAY SPRAY!!! MAY SPRAY won’t dry you out. It multi-tasks as skincare. For all skin types. Full of skincare + botanicals to restore, balance and condition. MAY SPRAY is the toner that’s so good for you-you can leave it on!

@itzlatoya on IG reviews MAY SPRAY! mettalusso.com

Awesome Gift! Use Holiday Code ‘Metta’ for $10 off all! All Gifts in Stock! Free Shipping! (standard delivery US only)

Vegan is Glam is Mettalusso. Come See How It’s Done. Mettalusso Believes Skin Health Supports Mental Health.

We create Love with our pet + skincare + beauty products. http://www.mettalusso.com

Vegan Is Glam Here. Come Check How It’s Done.

💯Celebrity Biz: 💋Managed Kardashian Skincare 💉Created Kat von D Makeup 👱‍♀️ Marketed Denise Richards Haircare

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Podcast- When Makeup Is More Than Makeup –

100% True Story! When a Mission comes to life.

Full 6 minute Podcast

Or Go To Spotify and see for The Christine Report for even more!

The Mettalusso Mission

Something happened to me, that totally reinforces this discussion. It’s anecdotal. Its personal, but it is also so very real. It shows just how true this is on a one-to-one and very-human-level. 

One of my very talented makeup artist influencers shared a photo of a before and after makeup look of one of her clients. She sent it via Instagram on a DM. Not unusual. I start working very early, but even at 6am this morning, this photo jumped out at me.

Ashley, aka @chronicallyhealing561 on Insta had the most amazing pose, complete with this upbeat, confident, happy, but super natural expression and body language that was just absolutely palpable. It was amazing.

Then, the backstory arrived……

The Mettalusso Mission is that skin health supports mental health. The way we feel about the way we look guides and affects our actions in many ways.

Enjoy- (Play The Full Podcast Above), XOXOXOXO, Christine