MISSION: Good Skin

Crowdfunding Campaign by Mettalusso

Creating Positive Social Impact. Skin Health = Mental Health = Public Health. My company and brand, Mettalusso  is developing a proprietary topical medical skin care product.

50 million people + 85% of the US population suffers from acne every year. Rosacea affects 16 million. Lost productivity from these conditions is estimated at a total of $1.5B!

The real toll is the HUMAN COST.

We All Know This To Be True. Extensive Studies Prove Frustration, Embarrassment, Self-Esteem, and Diminished Confidence often happen from the effects of visible skin issues.

I am creating the all new never-before-available affordable medical skin care for everyone suffering from everyday conditions like acne, rosacea, environmental responses and allergies.

Bridging the Skin to Mind connection.

This first of kind, affordable non-prescription product will help visible skin issues and the way we feel about the way we look – and improve our self-esteem + relationships. This is an FDA Level Medical OTC Topical Skincare Product in Development.

Crowdfunding supports this project to help sufferers with visible skin issues. Thank you!

Learn More at http://www.mettalusso.com Gifts to donors – go to mettalusso.square.site

MISSION: Good Skin Crowdfunding Campaign
Mettalusso MISSION: Good Skin Crowdfunding Campaign Teaser
Donations open at mettalusso.square.site
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Mettalusso is developing a proprietary medical skin care product to bridge the wellness connection between the way we feel about how we look and the physical health of our skin. 

There is a significant white space of need in consumer skin care. There is a massive void in the marketplace for accessible product that addresses visible skin irregularities from everyday conditions.

Common skin issues can cause great stress. The area of study is called Psyodermatology.

The connection between the mind, our skin and how we feel about ourselves is extremely important.

It is the combination of psychology and dermatology.

My focus is on how it affects us to cope socially. 

This is the Psychosocial aspect. 

There is a huge link between the mind, feeling and the skin.

Dermatological and psychological studies prove the link between mental health and how we fell about the way we look. I started this crowdfunding campaign to support the development of proprietary technology and products to create affordable product that will provide wellness and help people both physically and mentally. 

  Put simply, product does not exist to reduce visible skin issues from everyday issues. There are products designed to attack a specific condition, but there is no medical product that helps improve the issues we see in the mirror such as redness and swelling. 

What we think we see in the mirror can positively and negatively affect our relationships and self esteem.

More Opportunities

Pet Care Research & Development is also planned. Application opportunities potentially include the reduction of irritation for everyday conditions, increased heal time post-procedure and lessening scar visibility.

The Pets of Mettalusso

Manfred + Molly + Moon

Crowdfunding Campaign

MISSION: Good Skin is the Mettalusso crowdfunding campaign to create the exclusive medical grade topical skin products. Receive a complimentary gift for your donation! Click the links to learn more. Any questions? email me at love@mettalusso.com

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