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When Makeup Is So Much More Than Makeup – 100% True Story – Daily Mental Health
A Day of No Sadness. Ashley aka @chronichealing561 Gets A Makeover from @muajazmine and A Feel-Good Day Too! http://mettalusso.com

Daily Mental Health. True Story. Most of you know that I create makeup + skincare + pet products for my brand, Mettalusso. My Mission is to create the feeling of Love and that I believe skin health supports Mental Health. 

Something happened to me, that totally reinforces this discussion. It’s anecdotal. Its personal, but it is also so very real. It shows just how true this is on a one-to-one and very-human-level.

One of my very talented makeup artist influencers shared a photo of a before and after makeup look of one of her clients. She sent it via Instagram on a DM. Not unusual. I start working very early, but even at 6am this morning, this photo jumped out at me.

Ashley, aka @chronicallyhealing561 on Insta had the most amazing pose, complete with this upbeat, confident, happy, but super natural expression and body language that was just absolutely palpable. It was amazing.

Then, the backstory arrived…..

Enjoy. XOXOXO, Christine

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