Loved Dior in Shanghai This Week

It Posted this week. Did You Catch It? Combined a couple of my faves – disco references and leopard prints. The khaki / combat boots / socks / oh- and the leopard print book bag, ummm yes. Quick review of Dior F/W21 Show in Shanghai -by yours truly at The Christine Report.

@dior in #shanghai on the jungle highway of life!

My own Mettie + Lunah are also on the digital Fashion Shows Hoping they will stay available and digital everywhere. Digital Forever Post-Covid (we hope!). Catch more of this original entertainment and vegan glam products @

The city street disco vibe was a super cool look- and totally do-able. Always drawn to the rugby top and sparkle bottom look for some reason….

Catch the show on YouTube. Enjoy Mettie + Lunah by checking out

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World’s 1st Vegan Clean Beauty for People + Pets

Did you know that Mettalusso is the world’s first ever brand of vegan clean beauty with glam products for both people and pets? Affordable too. All pet products are under $20. Enter code ‘Love’ on anything for $5 off. Free standard shipping in the US. Enjoy these best sellers.

All available @

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Fashionista Kayla + Furbaby Tucker

Much love to @kayla.mccul and Tucker! Tucker loves his Mettalusso Blueberry Baked Treats with all Real Food ingredients.
That makes us so happy! Tucker has a great #dogmom as a true believer in the #love between people + pets. We completely agree. She also has a great sense of style too!

2 for 1 special on now! Enter code ‘treat’. Free standard shipping in the US. Mettalusso is the world’s first vegan clean beauty brand with products for both people + pets. Catch her also on the amazing all Live Shopping Channel!!!

Mettalusso MORE all natural Blueberry Baked Dog Treat

100% all real food ingredients. Dogs absolutely love, love these treats. 2 for 1 special on now. Enter code treat @


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Makeup Review From the Beach- Love It!

Lovely! @berlinburgess reviews MANY WAYS Sheer Metallic Makeup on the beach.

Perfect place to share this amazing sheer water-based multi-use makeup.

Vegan. MANY WAYS for eyes + face + lips! Sharing Shade #4, our pink/champagne shimmer.

See how natural it looks even in the most relaxed and brightest light!

Mettalusso is Glam Vegan Makeup. We believe vegan makeup can be exciting and feel natural at the same time.

Thank you Berlin for your original broadcast on You are amazing for sharing your totally live Shopping Reviews on this incredible platform.

Live Makeup Review and Selling from the Beach- and her family was there too. she doesn’t have to miss a beat in her life. That’s a Mom for you for sure.

You can ask the host live questions while they present products. Its a pretty cool experience.

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Skin Health is Mental Health

Skin Health + Mental Health are a proven connection.

Skin Health = Mental Health. The reality is staggering. This is why I am developing an all new medical level treatment for skin that is easy, affordable and do not need to go to the doctor.
*$11 Billion each year in lost productivity from someone taking care of a skin condition versus being productive doing something else in their life.

*30% feel their skin condition will prevent them from finding their life partner.

*20% say it was part of the reason their relationship broke down.

*25% report their Quality of Life has suffered from a lack of confidence, making friends and succeeding more at work.

#gofundme #gofundmecampaign on now.

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Love, Love, Love New Makeup Product Launches!

Love, Love Love launching new makeup! My goal is to always bring glam to vegan products that multi-task+ inclusive for all skin tones. MASTER BLENDER Primer is lightweight + a touch of illumination.

Skincare Blended with Hyaluronic acid + Anti-Oxidants.

Wear as 1st layer or alone as a complexion smoother for a natural look.


MASTER BLENDER Primer + Skincare

Free Shipping in the US! Enter code ‘Love’ for $5 off. This sheer natural looking illuminating formula is full of skincare ingredients. You can use it as a first layer Primer or wear alone as a lightweight moisturizer that smooths and enhances your complexion. Super Sheer and complexion enhancing shade for all skin tones. Lightly illuminated for a natural glow. The no-slip feel and texture helps hold makeup. The sheer weight and light illumination blends with all skin tones to prep and smooth for your complete makeup routine. Multi-tasks as skincare with hyaluronic acid, allantoin, squalane, glycerin, larch tree extract (Glactoarabinan) and anti-oxidant Vitamins A, B, C and E.


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Everybody Deserves A Partner

Real study. The statistics on how we feel about the way we look are astounding. The emotional connection links to our mental health. This is why I am developing an all new medical skincare product. This is how I can contribute.

Medical + Affordable-OTC Available without a Prescription. GoFundMe campaign up now. Check for more info.

New Medical Skincare technology Could Help So Many

At least 80% of the population suffers from redness and inflammation of their skin due to common irritants, allergies, acne and rosacea.

Depending on what the doctor is treating only 9%-22% say they also address the patients’ Quality of Life (QoL).

The psychosocial impact is astounding. 50% feel ashamed of the way they look, 40% say it interferes with their work-related activities and 34% feel low self-esteem.

I have innovated a skincare technology to deal with everyday facial redness and inflammation. It will be an OTC mass market product so all can access at a reasonable price. MISSION: Good Skin could give back and help so many. Go Fund Me is up. Kickstarter coming soon! Questions? email anytime or DM on social

All About The Puppy

Happy National Puppy Day. Couldn’t Resist. Mousse Shampoo in the MORE Pet Collection by Mettalusso is gentle enough for Puppies! Incredible vegan formula. No extra water necessary makes it comfortable and quick for this little sweetie-pie fur face. Great for kittens too!

The natural scent is the best. Makes me want to use it myself. Free Shipping + $5 off instantly with code ‘Love’

your grateful author – and puppy lover