House of Gucci Movie with Lady Gaga- Life Is Good!

This is my everything. What can I tell you? A big glossy movie all about fashion with Lady Gaga + Jared Leto + Jeremy Irons + the amazing Al Pacino.

Can’t happen soon enough, but wait we must. Check it in theatres November 24.

In this movie ‘House of Gucci’- its inspired by the shocking true story of the actual family behind the empire. Covering a 3-decade period, we see Italian style revenge, the intensities of betrayal, over-the-top decadence,the passions of love, and at the brink of all this drama, we see a murder.

How far a family and a family business will go for ALL. Great trailer. Enjoy!

Pure Italian Style and Fashion Coming November 24th! House of Gucci
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Influencers Are test Pilots too!

Lunah Lusso says Influencers are our Test Pilots! They try our newest proposed product ideas and formulas. (nod to the recent successful rocket launches!)

Thank you to @muajazmine @thebeautytherapistmua @marthastewart @phoenixrising112 for Testing all new Mettalusso products and formulas!

ANNOUNCING our newest Primer + Skincare : Makeup Manager
With your support, Mettalusso has launched a whole new Vegan Product Category –“Liquid Skincare“.

Creating New Liquid Skincare Category So There Is Less Between You, The Product and Performance

Makeup Manager is A LIQUID Primer that is completely filled with VEGAN skincare ingredients. We were tired of primers that actually cause slip, not stay!
Makeup Manager is totally different. It creates a bonding-like sensation between your skin and makeup. Our GLAM liquid formulation creates a no texture feel and look. No excessive fillers between you, your skincare ingredients and powering up your color cosmetics!Watch for more announcement on this exciting new product release! Mettalusso believes skin health supports mental health.

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your dog knows what you want- new study

As any dog lover knows, your dog does understand you! You Know This. We know this. That’s why I am so committed as the the world’s first ever glam vegan brand with products for people and pets. Come see all I created for affordable high quality, vegan glam products at my brand Free shipping. I truly believe Dogs Know Us. That’s why I had to make more than makeup. My brand had to include pets too. Your dog knows what you want

The deets: New Study on Dogs says: “Much like human infants, dog puppies intuitively understand that when a person points, they’re trying to tell them something, whereas wolf puppies don’t. “We think it indicates a really important element of social cognition, which is that others are trying to help you,” Hare said. “Dogs are born with this innate ability to understand that we’re communicating with them and we’re trying to cooperate with them,” Salomons said.

Enjhot The Full article

You Know This- Any Dog Lover Already Knows This!

Incredible resources went into this study: “This research was supported by the Office of Naval Research (N00014- 16-12682), the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of the National Institutes of Health (NIH-1Ro1HD097732) and the AKC Canine Health Foundation (#2700).”

Dogs are our best buddy in almost every and any activity

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Jamming in a little fun in the sun

Join me in my little entertainment brand that also has pet and makeup + skincare products!

💝Mettalusso. Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury.
👩🏾‍🦳Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey is the series of best-friend-cousins. Their lives walk our walk with their pets Manfred + Molly + Moon.
👸This episode has them cramming in some much needed fun before the summer can potentially slip away amid new health warnings.

Share your email and shipping address to receive a free makeup brush for joining me!

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Next Level in Multi-Media : Where Are You? From Influencers + Facebook to Sylvester Stallone

Has the pandemic made you more or less connected? I ask, because just this morning, the entire day was absorbed by discussing messaging and distribution across all of these touchpoints. How everyone manages their talent is fascinating to me. It’s especially true in this super-dynamic multi-media, tons of hardware life we lead. Today was most notable.

Started out my day in front of my computer. Got a notification that Sylvester Stallone was going live on Instagram. So I was at my computer and thought; why not? Rocky must be pushing his upcoming movie clip. Nope. He was with a golf pro and giving 12,000 viewers free swing lessons. Did not even mention a movie. It was actually pretty good-they did a great job, it wasn’t a stunt or joke.

(This is a very cute past clip from a day out with his daughter.)

Digital Distribution. Its become seriously MAJOR.

Later on,while I was re-posting an influencer’s piece, I was simultaneously looking up all her social media accounts as well as the extension of all her programs. Here is the count. On Instagram @aliciahartwell calls herself the “Queen of Self-Love / Coach”. Her messages are loaded with pure inspiration to shore up the self esteem. She is also on YouTube, TikTok,Facebook and has a website AND….she does live product selling on SPIN.Live

Here is a clip from her recent review of one of my products:

Then, this afternoon, had a marketing planning session with The Compass Girls. You can check their live show on Facebook

The Compass Girls on Facebook Live

It was the same intense conversation. There were almost too many media touchpoints to discuss in a single conversation. They are everywhere. They even have their own digital magazine and it has over 1 million viewers!

They told me the pandemic was the force behind creating their show. It was not planned. Rather, it was born out of necessity to help move forward with their original plan. Now it is the plan.

How about you? Have you noticed the same? Are you able to prioritize from all these outlets? Do you like the additional choices, or is it overwhelming at times?

your grateful author (with a new hair style)

Have you tried The @reface app-OMG too much fun!

This was originally a “normal” post on my makeup. Then, I stumbled upon this recently released app @reface Ok, so I am not always the first adopter…but this one really keeps me giggling. Try it. Way too much fun. (phone app only for both android and apple)

I applied @reface to an original video- and it transforms an entire face to sing or say from one of their pre-loads. I promise you, the gal in the video was NOT singing this Madonna song in my original makeup tutorial post. It completely animates a face in such a level of reality, could not believe it. Maybe a little scary too?

Hit the play button to see the effect. I have more under my 2 Insta accounts @mettalusso and @thechristinereport


Christine C. Oddo author and founder Mettalusso
your grateful author and founder

Madonna Regnites #NYC with #Pride

Madonna gave New York City the summertime jump start to believe in. Incredible wrap on #Pride month too!

Sometimes we look hard for new beginnings and cannot see them. Other times, they steamroll right in. Unexpected but totally welcome it seems. How exciting it must have been to get this surprise performance at The Standard’s Boom Boom Room during the Boom x Pride event in New York City. 

Sometimes we look hard for new beginnings and cannot see them. Other times, they steamroll right in. Unexpected but totally welcome it seems. How exciting it must have been to get this surprise performance at The Standard’s Boom Boom Room during the Boom x Pride event in New York City.
Madge Surprise Performance in NY

Madonna says to the crowd:

”To not celebrate pride without people would have been a tragedy for me, take nothing for granted

because you never know what’s waiting

for all of us around the corner.

Learn to love yourself.”

Madonna in NYC for #Pride this weekend

your grateful author and founder

Pets Beat Out Celebrity In PR Event!

Had the most fascinating experience this week. Huge PR event. Was digital. It was awesome and I was really excited to share the “real” launch of Mettalusso – FINALLY after a year of the soft launch through Covid.

Most of you know that Mettalusso is the world’s first brand of glam vegan beauty with products for people and pets. AND…. you know that I have a background in developing and marketing products for celebrities.

Here’s how it went.

So, of course for the event I was coached to press mostly with my celebrity background. Made sense. For certain, we all thought that the reporters were obviously going to find that the most interesting. I managed the Kardashian’s skincare brand. I made the Kat von D makeup line for Sephora. I also marketed the Denise Richards Haircare Collection- no doubt this was anticipated as the most talked about element in the pitch session.


I was so nervous, as this was my 1st big event for the company. I completely over-prepared. After my entire presentation- guess what all the questions were on—–you guessed it——–THE PETS!!!!! There were literally ZERO questions about my celebrity brand management background.

It made me so happy. People love pets more than they love celebrities. But, we always knew that— right??!??

You can catch the video presentation below.

Christine C. Oddo founder and CEO Mettalusso the world's first glam vegan beauty brand with products for both people and pets.
your grateful author and founder

Look Up! The WaterLine Eyeliner Tutorial by @amandamleon

Look Up! @amandamleon takes us on the Mettalusso MATITA eyeliner journey where we all can use a little practice.
The Waterline! Brava! She does it fearlessly for us Live-as we know this is not an easy move.
Catch this fantastic multi-talented spirit as a #singer #dancer #performer when she is not also sharing her #makeuplooks on
Christine C Oddo founder Mettalusso the worlds first vegan beauty brand for people and pets
your grateful founder @mettalusso

Mental Health Matters to All- Professional Athletes too

Even though the most highly trained professional athletes look like they have it all under control, we are reminded that mental health is something we all may have to deal with. Naomi Osaka was so open over her struggles over Memorial Weekend and it was exceptionally poignant. It totally affects our performance- at all levels, even day to day, let alone in a major tennis tournament.

Mental Health and the extreme importance is something I address often. Best thoughts to @naomiosaka Love seeing the massive support from the public and fellow athletes. Our physical health = mental health and vice versa. I can relate.

My story with anxiety- I have also dealt with anxiety and the feeling can be very real. It took over 10 years to get the diagnosis of an auto-immune condition to finally get a handle on it. The auto-immune condition causes m a lot of skin issues, so always dealing with both, it’s a vicious circle some days. Because I have a skincare brand, I study it often from the emotional struggles that happen from that perspective.

Mental health-or challenges with it have many, many sources. Far beyond the roots of our childhood, parents, experiences- the most common we think of. Research the link between gut health and mental health, and you are guaranteed a deep dive in a load of information.
This is the driving force in my motivation behind my products and messages.
Hope Naomi can get the assistance she needs and deserves. Her post was so open and real, it really moved me to read it, so sharing here as well.

@naomiosaka on Instagram

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