Talking Animals

Maybe I am watching too many animal videos. I feel I have a perfectly good excuse (ha!). As most know, pets and the Love they bring into our lives is a lead inspiration for my brand, Mettalusso.

Pets are such an important part of the family. They also come in many types. Seems it does not matter if its a cow or a cat. While watching animal videos (social media research of course) -the bond between the person and the pet is undeniable. 

Pets are a huge source of love in our lives as shared by Mettalusso
Pets Are A Huge Source Of Love In Our Lives

So, have you seen dogs and pet parents communicating with the push button tiles? It’s quite amazing. TikTok and YouTube have some blow-away examples. Check out @chelleandlexihusky

Communicating Via Push Button Tiles- Manners Too!!!

The “conversations” are so real. It’s pretty amazing.

We talk to our pets so much – maybe this should not be such a big surprise!

I’ve always stated that the love between people and pets is very real- it seems the communication is now too.

I like this share- the pet parent walks us through it a bit. Very interesting.

What do you think- do these dogs “know” what they are saying, or do you think its simply learned behavior?

Christine C. Oddo founder of Mettalusso and author of @thechristinereport
Very amused by pets communicating and the founder of Mettalusso

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