You Are Justin Bieber Too

Virus. Yuck. Just the word has become all too familiar in daily life. Most of us live and work in ‘clean’ and ‘normal’ surroundings…..What’s this all about? Why is it happening?

Messages on maintaining our health are all around us. We think we are doing our best- then BAM- we hear of a major super star contracting some never-heard-of-before-virus.

Let’s quickly talk about Justin. You know that he has Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

Below is a clip from his Instagram account as he shared the news with the world.

Justin Bieber Shares His News With The World Visa Instagram

So- you are asking –  why are you just like Justin?

Viruses are everywhere. Most of us already have quite a few rolling around in our systems. It’s the natural state of things. Nothing we can do about it really. Ramsay Hunt syndrome is from the same virus as chicken pox and shingles. Having chicken pox as a kid means its already a done deal in our system.

Mayo Clinic Accurately Shares What Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Is

What to do?

Everyday Health. Keep Viruses Suppressed Within Your Own Healthy and Active Immune System. The little stuff matters. Everyday. No preaching here.

You already know the drill. Sleep. Eat. Exercise. Stress. Manage it all on a simple daily basis.

A little Exercise.
Manage Stress.

As someone with auto-immune conditions-you already know that I am constantly sharing the benefits of everyday health.

Manage A Virus? Key Is To Keep Your Own Healthy Immune System On Top Of It

Keep viruses below your own natural immune system. Its the best defensive management.

Good news? This approach to health does not have to be expensive. Just a decent pair of shoes and a walk around the block can make all the difference.

Like Justin said “I will get better, …’s just time”.

Stay well all.

Your grateful author just trying to stay well and founder of Mettalusso

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