Skin Health Is Mental Health- On Indiegogo Now!

Skin Health Is Mental Health. I know there are ingredients that we currently use all over our bodies, but the current law simply does not allow them on our face. I can change that. In development now. New Topical Skincare Formula. OTC never before available.

FDA Allows the Same Ingredients Here
And we can put those same ingredients right into our eyes
However, we cannot put these ingredients on the surface of our faces!

WHY???? It’s just the law. It’s just the way it is. I am going to change this! These ingredients would help so many. Watch this quick video to learn more!

You can support on IndieGoGo!

Mettalusso. Created by @thechristinereport Celebrity makeup + skincare creator

💯Celebrity Biz:

💋Managed Kardashian Skincare

💉Created Kat von D Makeup

👱‍♀️ Marketed Denise Richards Haircare

📺’10 Years Younger’ realityshow makeover @discovery TV

World’s 1st Glam Vegan Company – Collections for both People + Pets!

Did you know? Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury.

High Performing. Affordable. Glam. Vegan. Makeup + Skincare + Pet Products.

My Vegan is Glam.

Free Shipping. Code ‘Love’ for $5 off


Christine C. Oddo founder of Mettalusso
Your grateful author and Founder Mettalusso. The world’s first vegan brand with glam product collections for both people + pets

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