Beauty Community Gratitude

Creating the new #indiebrand Mettalusso makes me so #grateful for the incredible support from the #beautycommunity. MASTER BLENDER is one of my flagship products. I designed this pressed illuminating powder for all skin tones and something that anyone would want in their #makeup kit forever! Appreciate @claireelizabethslade for taking her precious time to review this #cleanbeauty #veganmakeup
Mettalusso is also the world’s 1st ever vegan clean beauty brand with products for both people + #pets. Free shipping always in the US. Enter code ‘Love” on any product for an instant $5 off. Metta means love. Lusso means luxury. Products can be found exclusively at

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Master Blender Vegan Clean Beauty Illuminating Pressed Powder

MASTER BLENDER is one of my flagship products. I designed this pressed illuminating powder for all skin tones and something that anyone would want in their #makeup kit forever! Free shipping in the US. Enter code on my website 'Love' for an instant $5 off, this is an amazing deal on a beautiful product.


your grateful author!

Eye Tutorial Talent- yessss!

This is what makes super influencers the best. @muajazmine on IG has such an incredible touch. Love this tutorial as she uses shades that maybe you would not go for everyday and makes it so real. Watching this, you say to your self- ‘hey I can do that”! This is what makes the inspo so special. This is what the beauty community and influencers can do for us on any given moment, on any given scroll.

So grateful she is using my Mettalusso Vegan Dual End Felt Tip Eyeliner.

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Beauty Entrepreneur Day in the Life

Beauty Entrepreneur For People + Pet Products. It’s Monday and it’s post-summer holiday. Must be my mid-western roots, even though we are in a covid life, post Labor Day holiday has always meant a sense for the ‘back to work’ rally!

How about you? So hard to believe we are here on the calendar already this year.

My Entrepreneur Diary for Today:

3:50 am PST Yep, wake up

4 am much coffee + watch the financial markets while waking up

5:30 am plan day in my head, write some of it down

6:30 am check social media accounts for work and personal

7:30 am return emails

8:30 stretch and meditate for 20 minutes

10 am redesign social media icons

11 am early lunch

Noon plan + design social media posts

1 pm brainstorm new cosmetic product ideas

2 pm investor meeting

2:30 communicate with suppliers

3 redesign new makeup brush collection

3:30 pm work on Kickstarter $$ raise video campaign (wish me luck)

5:30 dinner meeting with advisor

Diary of an Entrepreneur

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Furbaby Afraid of Being Brushed?

Your Kitty Furbaby afraid of being groomed? Does it hate the brush? Mettalusso Glossy Brush is designed to fit in the palm of your hand. Brush your cat as if you are petting it and help the fear go away. The special short yet flexible bristles are made to help restore the natural glossy sheen without tugging and discomfort.

If your pet is afraid or absolutely loves at-home grooming Glossy Brush is ideal! Groom your furbaby while you pet.

Mettalusso MORE Pet Collection. Because the love between people and pets is real.

Mettalusso. Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury.

Free Shipping Always in the US. Enter code ‘Love’ for an instant $5 off!

Mettalusso is the world’s 1st brand of vegan clean beauty products for people + pets!

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Glossy Brush from the Mettalusso MORE Pet Collection

Help Kitty Enjoy Your Grooming Time Together! Designed to Fit into the Palm of Your Hand. Brush your furbaby as if you are petting it and reduce grooming anxiety.


your grateful author

Entertainment Industry Green Shoots! On Set with @makeupbytatjana

@makeupbytatjana is a hero of entertainment production. This is how the makeup pros have to suit-up for work now! Congratulations on going back to work and #gratitude for making it happen. Such great news that production is starting to happen again.

So privileged to be a part of the effort with my MASTER BLENDER Vegan Illuminating Pressed Powder. Very cool thank you so much for including Mettalusso in your tool kit. Love supporting her anyway I can!


Vegan Clean Beauty for all skin tones with this gorgeous illuminating pressed powder! Follow professional makeup artist @makeupbytatjana on IG for her exciting updates on the entertainment industry and behind-the-scenes makeup production. Shes uses this pressed powder on set and cleanses with our universal makeup remover - MIST.


your grateful author

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Poolside Chic- Mettalusso Shares Series for Instant Makeup Tips

Its scorchin’ outside and the best accessories might just be a swimming pool and the perfect hat!
@thebeautytherapistmua serves up perfect pool chic with her dewey look and fabulous flicker of clear-blue sky eyeliner.
Another Mettalusso Shares Series for instant makeup tips!
Our MULTI VEGAN MASCARA gives just the right amount of natural emphasis and we are so #grateful for this #makeuplook -and for including us in her Mettalusso BOLD NATURAL #style!

Vegan MULTI Dual App Mascara

METTALUSSO MULTI Dual Action Vegan Mascara is next level design for your lashes. The dual dispense design means more options in your mascara application. Featuring two apps that alter the product load for min or max onto the high definition brush. Use the Lite App for defining or a more casual look. Use the Rich App for layering or alone for pure volume.


Busting the Status Quo in Clean Beauty

Always trying to go beyond the status quo. My latest #makeup product for Mettalusso is another effort from me to offer more that what’s already out there! Love fashion, beauty and a bit of glamour? So why can’t vegan makeup be the same I wondered?
The newest addition to Mettalusso is MANY WAYS. Molti Modi is Italian for Many Ways, because there are so very many ways you can wear this incredible makeup. Aqua based, it feels featherweight on and dries fast. You will have so much fun because you can wear this on your lips + eyes + face. Any shade can be used MANY WAYS! EU compliant, so it is also considered #cleanbeauty -as Mettalusso defines it. Free shipping always in the US and enter code ‘Love’ for an instant $5 off.

MANY WAYS Vegan Clean Beauty Sheer Metallic Makeup

MANY WAYS by Mettalusso multi-wear makeup is a stunning collection of aqua based metallic sheer shades that you can wear on your eyes + face + lips! The brilliant metallic sheer feels incredibly weightless! You can wear this aqua based formula in so many different ways. Free Shipping Always in the US. Enter code 'Love' for an instant $5 off!


your grateful author

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Luxury + Glamour in Vegan Clean Beauty New Product Announcement

Had to create something different! With my lifelong passion for luxury, glamour, fashion and makeup, I looked around and felt that there is just too much sameness in vegan clean beauty. It’s all on me- just happen to love a bit of flash. (Every brand has its own style of amazing packaging and imagery!)
Announcing this really fun, stunningly beautiful and incredibly versatile new makeup that you can wear on your lips + eyes + face. It is water based, so it feels amazing going on and it is sheer, so you can layer it for added color.

All my product starts with the letter “M”. Just another way to have fun with Mettalusso. MANY WAYS translated in Italian is Molti Modi. Sign up for Love Letters and get exclusive product announcements and special promotions! You also get a free makeup brush when you join! Free shipping always in the US. Enter code ‘Love’ on any product for an instant $5 off.

check to learn more.

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High Performance Pressed Powder Makeup!

Mettalusso MICRO MATTE pressed powder was developed to help reduce powder fly away during application. The super-fine milled texture provides for greater lay-down, smoother appearance and a more natural look. Apply with enclosed puff for best results. Vegan Clean Beauty Formula.

The Medium Weight is perfect as foundation or finish powder and touch up all day without excess build up. Check our super easy shade picker system.

Free Shipping Always in the US. Enter code ‘Love’ for an instant $5 off.

Mettalusso. Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury. We do clean beauty differently. We add luxury + glamour.

MICRO MATTE Super Finely Milled Pressed Powder

Created for a more natural look, greater lay-down on your skin and a smoother appearance. Enter code 'Love' for an instant $5 off. Free Shipping Always in the US.


your grateful author and founder of Mettalusso