A Primer Makeup Journey

Slickery. That was the least of my problems. Breakouts. Darkened pores. This is what most Primers did to my skin. I wanted to use them, but had to quit the roller coaster ride.

Slickery is how they felt on my face. And, how my makeup looked by noon. Like it was literally sliding down my face.

Makeup Manager is the solution to Slickery Primers at http://www.mettalusso.com

Then, I would powder constantly to stabilize the day’s look. All that meant was build-up. Not a good look. You get the picture by now. This is how I felt I looked.

I felt like clown face by mid-day

Driving this reality is the ingredients in the “Silicone” family (not Silica, important difference) I am familiar because, in my career, I partnered on expanding the entire Smashbox line-up of Primers. So I am pretty familiar! This is a great concept for professional photography in a deluxe makeup studio. It performs exceptionally by creating a really smooth glossy skin surface where makeup can glide on.

Hear that ?: “smooth” + “glide” That’s exactly what was happening to the makeup on my face!

😞Lots LOVE this. Just did not work for me- at all.

That’s exactly what happens (for some) with these Primer formulas. For me, it was a mid-day makeup disaster. So, I challenged the norm. Makeup Manager is the result. It is powered by VEGAN SKINCARE, not silicones!

Makeup Manager truly creates a bonding sensation between the skin and makeup. You can see and feel it. As a new brand, I have really bit off a lot. This product, this formula, totally flies in the face of industry norm.

But my makeup totally stays on now. And now I am so happy that it can be shared with others that may have the same need.

Check out a real moment I filmed after applying Makeup Manager:

You can check it out at http://www.mettalusso.com. I love answering questions too. About anything on beauty! Email anytime!!

What Designer Do You Miss?

Can you miss a designer you never met? Oscar de la Renta represents the pinnacle of gentlemanly.

Love this word “gentle” + “manly”

The Oscar de la Renta show for SS22 shared as a 4 minute PR reel.

@fernandogarcia shared with @nicolephelps @voguemagazine “It allows me to stretch my legs doing video, which I love,” he said at a showroom appointment, citing video’s reach as a motivating factor. “It allows us to cut our budget and expand our deliverables.”

Balancing the fantasy of fashion and the reality of commercialization always a business consideration. Appreciating the forward acknowledgement.

Pop-ins everywhere @billieeilish #music @kathyhilton @parishilton @nickyhilton 💕💕Delighted at the focused shots in the park near the conclusion – to see the dresses that speak with the essence of this lovely house. …..80’s style short-shorts also noted along with the super wide legged floral print pants.

The Oscar de la Renta SS@@ Show Release Final Look

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Wearable Flash. Tom Ford SS22

@tomford SS22 Wearable flash.

Ready for some Spring/Summer glamety-glam-glam? Tom Ford is as where Tom Ford goes-and so can you.

@mettalusso founder and the SS Tom Ford Show!

This collection shows us the way again-that no matter what’s going on in the world, there is always an opportunity for shiny luxe to be had. C’mon, you know you have a place in your day looks for one of these shiny darlings.

Cargo pants and baseball cropped jackets have never been so cutting-edge cute.

Cropped pants swayed like skirts or were pencil thin under big jackets. Pearls and Gold ruled with ankle strapped shoes- some with a slightly chunkier heel and more walk-able height this season. The denim cut jacket engineered as a fabric of chains is just waiting for the right pair of jeans.

Blocked color coordinated beyond. Tom Ford 4*EVER.

@thechristinereport: #celebrity branding #makeup + #skincare – managed #kardashian skincare collection, created #katvond makeup collection and ’10 Years Younger’ #realityshow #makeover @discovery TV, marketer of Denise Richards #haircare brand. founder @christineoddo

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When a Ready-To-Wear Girl Watches Couture

This is what happens when a ready-to-wear girl watches a couture show……..I look for the ways to roll it in.

The Dolce & Gabbana show sent out some serious inspo in jackets. This I can do. Enjoy.

Thank you Dolce + Gabbana!

#dolcegabbana @dolcegabbana
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Labor Day Special for You and Your Fave Selfie Partner!

You and Your Fave Selfie Partner! Twice the LOVE this holiday weekend! Use code ‘LOVE’ for $10 off any Mettalusso Glam Vegan Products for both people + pets.


I created the world’s (1st and only) glam vegan brand with collections for both people + pets!

Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury.

Because I believe the love between people and pets is real. Mettalusso Also Believes That Skin Health Supports Mental Health.

Created by Yours Truly @thechristinereport Former Manager #kardashian skincare collection, #creator #katvond makeup collection and marketer of Denise Richards #haircare brand.

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Dolce Gabbana and Their Venice Comeback- Did they need one?

Dolce and Gabbana in Venice for their Alta Moda Show felt like a comeback. Did they need one?

The show was divinely loaded with some much-needed escapism.

The location was obviously a smash hit too as it drew in fashionista – men also – like we have not seen in some time.

Stunning Arrivals Via Gondola

The photo of JLo in THE quintessential Italian ensemble of gilded high waisted pants and cape; complete with a colored crown is stunning everywhere and everyone.  

JLO in THE Outfit

Also seen was Kris Jenner, Heidi Klum, Zoe Saldana, Monica Bellucci, Sean Combs, Christian Bale, Dame Helen Mirren, Vin Diesel, Kourtney Kardashian with beau Travis, Doja Cat and Kitty Spencer.

Generations in attendance is a massive statement of strength for this fashion house.

Incredibly embellished designs in high billowy winds across the slow catwalk served up some very stylish drama from Mother Nature. So very Venice.

Venice winds billowed the chiffon gowns.

Comeback from what you might ask? If this was the time and space creating healing from their past advertising debacle – then it is a very welcome effect.

Dolce Gabbana apologize to the Chinese consumer

Their creativity, designs and commitment have always been incredible- no comeback ever needed there.

The recap

These are no lock-down clothes- looks like Dolce + Gabbana are planning for everyone’s comeback.

If you have not already see the entire show, enjoy it here!

free grooming brush celebrating national dog day – Today Only!

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Fave Eyeliner Hack

My thin eyelashes leave white spaces, so I am really big on filling in my top waterline. But, I don’t always want the big drama of black. Brown is my shade!

Everything I create @mettalusso tries to solve my own everyday challenges that are probably pretty common, and personal health conditions led me to the fantastic possibilities within vegan formulations.

My MATITA Eye Color Stick Collection all have a bit of metallic in them for an added pop!

MATITA Vegan Glam Eye Color Sticks

MATITA Vegan Color Sticks Multi-Use Pencil Rich, creamy long-wear with deep color. Lightly metallicized pigment gives added depth. Wear as a Liner on Upper and Lower Lids. Extend on the lid for long-wear color look. Combine shades to create unique style. More than just an eye pencil. Multi-Use applications. Applies with a rich creamy feel and dries to long-wear, long-stay color. Use as a liner. Layer on lid for all over color. Stack with other shades for customized effects. Metallic wear-anytime shades. Beneficial vegan formulation with Jojoba Seed and Cotton Seed Oils that condition while Vitamins E + C provide anti-oxidants. Say it: MAH- TEE- TAH. Italian for Pencil! Stunning color collection. Vegan Formula. EU Compliant Ingredients.


email me anytime love@mettalusso.com

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Acne Holds Us Back In Life

British Skin Foundation 2012-13 In the BSF survey (APPGS, 2013), 29% of respondents felt that their condition was an active barrier to finding a partner.

University of Pennsylvania Health System worked with Dermatologists in private practice and these are their findings.

👩🏽‍🔬👩🏽‍⚕️😥…..the participants in the study…..”described how their acne caused them to have concerns about their appearance and in return affected their social, professional, and personal lives because many changed their behavior regarding these areas.”

😯😯😯Commonly reported issues included depression, anxiety, and social isolation. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Took me a while to realize this too.

Skin Issues Directly Affect Our Life’s Decisions- And Can Create A Lot of Anxiety + Depression.

This statistic hit me especially hard:

The British Skin Foundation found that, “29% of respondents felt that their condition was an active barrier to finding a partner.”

Could A Skin Condition Prevent One From Finding Their True Love? – Studies Say Yes.

This is huge. It also me me completely realize how much we perceive our skin and how much it is linked to mental health. This connection has become a personal and professional mission.

You grateful author

PS- As a sufferer- I have experienced all this first hand. The productivity lost due to fussing with my complexion is immeasurable. Its my shared experiences that inspire my product development. I obsess over performance and how a certain formula can actually help someone. @metttalusso.

JLo Saved It

The women – or here – the woman – that could probably afford most anything she wants….saved something obviously very special. Bait-worthy pics pointed towards the Harry Winston diamond bracelet that Ben gave her about a decade ago.

So, what’s the big deal? When it comes to jewelry, women can be quite sentimental. I realized it was not the fact that JLo was wearing the bracelet, but the fact that she had saved the bracelet.

Marriages, children…..divorces later, somehow she kept it. Stowed away in the corner of her heart.

Bet she never expected to be wearing it in public again.

Us either.

JLo saved the Harry Winston bracelet from Ben
Christine C. Oddo author, The Christine Report Blog and Founder Mettalusso the world's first glam vegan beauty brand with products for both people and pets.
Your grateful author. Christine C. Oddo founder Mettalusso the world’s first glam vegan beauty brand with products for both people and pets.