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Mettalusso Founder + CEO

Mettalusso is the result of a natural passion for amazing products.  

My career includes creating incredible products and brands for large organizations, celebrities and start-ups companies.

I managed the first Kardashian Skin Care Brand PerfectSkin, created the makeup collection for Kat von D for Sephora and managed the Denise Richards Hair Care line for Cristophe of Beverly Hills. I also created content for Discovery TV with the makeover reality show ’10 Years Younger’ featuring a professional team of doctors along with a Beverly Hills dermatologist.

I created the makeup collection of Kat von D Makeup for Sephora.

As a Global Manager for the first sunscreen encapsulated in a soap formula and the Chief Marketing Officer of a proprietary stem-cell skincare product derived from a cancer-fighting medical application, I also have a deep appreciation and technical understanding of product formulation and regulatory.

I managed the Kardashian’s first skin care collection
I marketed the Denise Richards Haircare Collection With Cristophe Beverly Hills

Mettalusso is the result of my passion and experience. 

In translation Metta is Love.

Lusso is Luxury.  

My personal journey also has a great impact. Experiencing the challenge of living independently since 15 taught me the value of being extremely focused and goal oriented. As an adult, I experience a chronic condition that took doctors over a decade to diagnose. This experience led me to understand the full wellness connection and the importance of ingredients.   

Mettalusso is a first of kind company and brand. It is the first-ever to launch with original characters, entertainment and glam vegan beauty products for both people and pets.

Glam is the vegan at Mettalusso. High Performance. High Style. Doing Vegan differently! No boring white or pink boxes for me

Revolutionary Glam Vegan Beauty Cleanser: MISTEEE

MISTEEE is a very special product in the Mettalusso Collection. It’s an amazing multi-tasking vegan beauty formula – this revolutionary makeup cleanser sprays as a fine mist and then activates into a micro foam. Its oil-free formula is fortified with a skincare complex that cleans eyes, face, and makeup brushes gently yet thoroughly without stripping.

Featuring MISTEEE Makeup Cleanser

MISSION: Good Skin is the Mettalusso crowdfunding project created to help those suffering from daily issues of redness, irritation and inflammation. I am filling a void in the OTC mass market medical skincare. Current drug store product is not enough! MORIIS Technology; Multiple Onset Redness Irritation Inflammation Skin.

Learn More.

MISSION: Good Skin by Mettalusso Will Bring Much Needed New Medical Grade OTC Products To Market.

Mettalusso is Glam Vegan Grooming Products for Pets. Featuring our Original Brand Characters Manfred + Molly + Moon.

Manfred + Molly + Moon – the Pets of Mettalusso

With Mettie + Lunah Lusso Too!

Mettie + Lunah Lusso

Creative writing is an outlet. Poemstar®, a creative writing site and posting on The Christine Reportâ„¢, my blog for all things current on Mettalusso, Fashion, Makeup and the Style Industry.

Reach out to love@mettalusso.com




Christine C. Oddo founder Mettalusso
your grateful author and founder, Mettalusso

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