The Worry Journal + the Simone Biles Solution

Feeling Overwhelmed? Anxiety? You are not alone.


Metta means Love. + Lusso means Luxury.


Your latest Love + Luxury Letter is here.

But, first an interesting share on dealing with anxiety from Simone Biles.

Simone Biles Therapist guided her to use a Worry Journal

Anxiety can come from anywhere. Even top-top athletes that are super experienced on the global stage experience it. Simone Biles shares her method for dealing with it.

A Worry Journal. Have you ever tried Simone’s Anxiety Hack? I have- a long time ago. It did work for me. Was very insightful. Still utilize the journey and the discoveries and the realizations that came from it so long ago.

Now for Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey.

We are shopping now. And it’s time to think about shopping for others. Mettie + Lunah were enjoying their country ride, that is until Lunah mentioned shopping. Then anxiety kicked in. Everything seems so expensive right now.

Mettie and Lunah Realize Anxiety From Shopping and High Prices This Year See More episodes and vegan product at Mettalusso

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