Hate Taking Your Makeup Off At Night?

Yeah, me too. It was such a chore. I dreaded it. Really. And, it felt like I had to use so many different products to get the job done. They say the best products come out of necessity and an entrepreneur trying to solve their own problem. That’s what MISTEEE means to me.

It takes off literally all makeup eyes – face – and even long wear. So you truly only need 1!

MISTEEE makes the nighttime routine so much easier. The spray activation is super cool. Use it as a liquid or gently rub and it activates the micro-foam feature.

MISTEEE Vegan Oil Free All In One Makeup Cleanser! @mettalusso

I also was so tired of red, oily droopy eyes at night and waking up to the crusty version in the morning. MISTEEE is oil free. It’s super gentle and it also has a skin care complex built right in.

You will love this product. Available at Mettalusso. I always have free shipping. Use code ‘love’ for $5 off.

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