Mettie + Lunah Ask What Aaron Rodgers Thinks About The Vaxx?

1 – or – 2 – or – 3? Boost or not to Boost? Now for kids. Now a pill. There is a lot of information comping at us. No wonder Mettie has her own interpretation! Luckily, Lunah is there, as always, by her side as a good friend and cousin.

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Lunah Helps Mettie Understand What Is Meant By Getting A Second Shot.
The Football Game Is On.

The breaking news on Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers football team, has fanned the flames of confusion a bit. He was just diagnosed with Covid. Many had assumed he had been vaxxed. He has not. Rodgers says kids are “the next great chapter of my life”. Whoa. Does this mean he is that-level concerned about any unknown side effects from the vaccine?

In yesterday’s interview with sports commentator Pat MacAfee, Rodgers says,

“To my knowledge there’s been zero long-term studies around sterility or fertility issues around the vaccine,” …”So, that was definitely something that I was worried about.”

“The situation that I’m in should be a conversation not a controversy.. if this was the flu I’d be playing on Sunday” ~@AaronRodgers12#PatMcAfeeShowLIVE

He went on to say that the witch hunt of those unvaccinated should cease.

Aaron Rodgers Shares His POV with Pat McAfee

As a person of great influence, this has gotten a lot of people’s attention. In conversation, Rodger’s reasoning seems to be equally, if not more important than him catching it. This is the big conversation driver.

Is Aaron Rodgers simply voicing what many are thinking – vaxxed or unvaxxed? Has it become a witch hunt? Can we get along with each others’ beliefs – and feel safe together? Interesting questions. Asked at the right time.

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