When Influencers Surprise – Hey The Gurus Were Right!

Welcome to The Christine Report. Where, together, we have Moments in Fashion, Beauty, Media, Pop Culture and Pets too! Yes, Pets too- we love pets and I know you do too. Humbled and Loving It. Grateful. Relationships with Influencers mean everything to me. When I first launched Mettalusso, I read a lot of guru advice on creating relationships with Influencers – repeatedly they instructed to go above and beyond as much as possible and establish more than just the paying / professional relationship. “Try to make your brand standout as a personal fave“, they all said. Hey, Influencers are human too! The give and take is like any working relationship. Great advice. It’s paying off – the gurus were right! So when a lovely Influencer creates such a nice share – and so completely unexpected, believe me, I am very grateful and honestly, touched by it, too.
@beautywithsindia shares 💋💯 on MUDEEE MASK MINUTE, My 🥗Vegan Glam Treatment Mask formulated with Double Clays + Blueberry + Botanical Oils to soothe bumps and cleanse pores. Leaves a natural matte finish. Great for Guys too.
#ty @travelwithsindia @pilateswithsindia @stylewithsindia @flooplife @eatwithsindia @beautywithsindia

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Created by Founder @thechristinereport + @mettalusso : #celebrity branding #makeup + #skincare – managed #kardashian skincare collection, created #katvond makeup collection and ’10 Years Younger’ #realityshow #makeover @discovery TV, marketer of Denise Richards #haircare brand.
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