Legal Battles Claim Another Celebrity Makeup Brand- Tati Westbrook Ceases Product Sales

In a recent PR event, I was asked what was the most difficult thing about working with celebrities. My answer: “They are human beings.” With humanity comes all of the day to day complications. Sure, all brands have operational issues, but trust me, when the brand and the person are one and the same, there is a whole new dimension to managing it.

Tati Westbrook shares all she legally is allowed to in her YouTube post.

Today’s news that Tati Beauty is forced to close due to a big legal wrangle created a flood of memories and reflection. If you haven’t heard, her partner through Halo Beauty is suing her for multiple reasons. Makes me recall the times I was involved in broken deals. Since I was always the talent behind the scenes, the repercussions were not that steep as for others- but it does take a toll on the career and psyche.

This experience has had great influence on how and why formed my brand @mettalusso To be a forever brand and entity, based on love and not a single person. I so admire all on the front line- that totally put there lives out there everyday – and see all the effort they put out. I also see and also know all the risk.

I created Mettalusso based on Love, Beauty and Pets for all and not on me. This was intentional!

This quick video shares so many memories as the manager of the Kardashian’s 1st skincare brand, and creating the Kat von D makeup brand for Sephora, marketing the Denise Richards haircare collection and I created content with the producers and dermatologist on Discovery TV for the reality show 10 Years Younger.

My celebrity brand and product development experience influenced so many of my business decisions of today.

Have been here. Truly feel for @glamlifeguru aka Tati Westbrook. With almost 9 million YouTube subscribers, it’s why this news made headlines today.

My vast career with celebrity branding within fashion, beauty, makeup, skincare, entertainment and marketing and on and on… these things happen. The mix of real people, with money + fame is one of the most celebrated and pressured of business models.

Tati and her family will be ok. The Journey might really hurt along the way. Wishing her and colleagues and associates all the best. She states she will continue to post her regular beauty reviews and makeup applications, which is great news for her devoted audience.

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