Acne Holds Us Back In Life

British Skin Foundation 2012-13 In the BSF survey (APPGS, 2013), 29% of respondents felt that their condition was an active barrier to finding a partner.

University of Pennsylvania Health System worked with Dermatologists in private practice and these are their findings.

👩🏽‍🔬👩🏽‍⚕️😥…..the participants in the study…..”described how their acne caused them to have concerns about their appearance and in return affected their social, professional, and personal lives because many changed their behavior regarding these areas.”

😯😯😯Commonly reported issues included depression, anxiety, and social isolation. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Took me a while to realize this too.

Skin Issues Directly Affect Our Life’s Decisions- And Can Create A Lot of Anxiety + Depression.

This statistic hit me especially hard:

The British Skin Foundation found that, “29% of respondents felt that their condition was an active barrier to finding a partner.”

Could A Skin Condition Prevent One From Finding Their True Love? – Studies Say Yes.

This is huge. It also me me completely realize how much we perceive our skin and how much it is linked to mental health. This connection has become a personal and professional mission.

You grateful author

PS- As a sufferer- I have experienced all this first hand. The productivity lost due to fussing with my complexion is immeasurable. Its my shared experiences that inspire my product development. I obsess over performance and how a certain formula can actually help someone. @metttalusso.

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