Next Level in Multi-Media : Where Are You? From Influencers + Facebook to Sylvester Stallone

Has the pandemic made you more or less connected? I ask, because just this morning, the entire day was absorbed by discussing messaging and distribution across all of these touchpoints. How everyone manages their talent is fascinating to me. It’s especially true in this super-dynamic multi-media, tons of hardware life we lead. Today was most notable.

Started out my day in front of my computer. Got a notification that Sylvester Stallone was going live on Instagram. So I was at my computer and thought; why not? Rocky must be pushing his upcoming movie clip. Nope. He was with a golf pro and giving 12,000 viewers free swing lessons. Did not even mention a movie. It was actually pretty good-they did a great job, it wasn’t a stunt or joke.

(This is a very cute past clip from a day out with his daughter.)

Digital Distribution. Its become seriously MAJOR.

Later on,while I was re-posting an influencer’s piece, I was simultaneously looking up all her social media accounts as well as the extension of all her programs. Here is the count. On Instagram @aliciahartwell calls herself the “Queen of Self-Love / Coach”. Her messages are loaded with pure inspiration to shore up the self esteem. She is also on YouTube, TikTok,Facebook and has a website AND….she does live product selling on SPIN.Live

Here is a clip from her recent review of one of my products:

Then, this afternoon, had a marketing planning session with The Compass Girls. You can check their live show on Facebook

The Compass Girls on Facebook Live

It was the same intense conversation. There were almost too many media touchpoints to discuss in a single conversation. They are everywhere. They even have their own digital magazine and it has over 1 million viewers!

They told me the pandemic was the force behind creating their show. It was not planned. Rather, it was born out of necessity to help move forward with their original plan. Now it is the plan.

How about you? Have you noticed the same? Are you able to prioritize from all these outlets? Do you like the additional choices, or is it overwhelming at times?

your grateful author (with a new hair style)

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