SPIN.LIVE is the Coolest Social Shopping!

Check out Shelby as she shares her on-air talent for Mettalusso via @spin.live

The #beautycommunity and my #beautyinfluencer @shelbyhunstad #collab means so very much to me!!Join me in SPIN.LIVE this is an amazing community and opportunity. Appreciate this amazing share for MORE Vegan Clean Beauty Pet Wipes!!! #thankyou #gratitude Yes, they do small amazing. Mettalusso MORE wipes are vegan and have 100% all naturally derived vanilla scent. For #dogs #cats #puppies and #kittens too! Free Shipping Always in the US.

#cleanbeauty #pets #dogsofinsta #doglife #dogwipes #cat #catofinstagram #ilovedogs #ilovecats


Mettalusso MORE Pet Wipes

Mettalusso is the world’s first vegan clean beauty brand for people + pets! Free Shipping always in the US.

19.00 $

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