Luxury + Glamour in Vegan Clean Beauty New Product Announcement

Had to create something different! With my lifelong passion for luxury, glamour, fashion and makeup, I looked around and felt that there is just too much sameness in vegan clean beauty. It’s all on me- just happen to love a bit of flash. (Every brand has its own style of amazing packaging and imagery!)
Announcing this really fun, stunningly beautiful and incredibly versatile new makeup that you can wear on your lips + eyes + face. It is water based, so it feels amazing going on and it is sheer, so you can layer it for added color.

All my product starts with the letter “M”. Just another way to have fun with Mettalusso. MANY WAYS translated in Italian is Molti Modi. Sign up for Love Letters and get exclusive product announcements and special promotions! You also get a free makeup brush when you join! Free shipping always in the US. Enter code ‘Love’ on any product for an instant $5 off.

check to learn more.

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