Celebs and Fashion Pros at StyleWeekOC2019 Newport Beach, CA

Its Fall Fashion Week everywhere and even summer’s hottest day couldn’t keep any away from the Newport Beach Fashion Island X Simply #StyleWeekOC Event.

The panelist line up was quite robust. Presentations included topics and discussions on fashion, creators, stylists, podcasts, jewelry, beauty, modeling and digital marketing. It began with an interview of the super-effervescent Kat Graham, the actress well-known for her role in “The Vampire Diaries”. She is truly a role model for gratefulness and openness. Anybody would benefit from hearing about Kat’s humble childhood and how, even now, she still knows how to properly bargain shop for cool fashion in any thrift store. Her Instagram teases the upcoming release of her new movie “Cut Throat City“. The day concluded in a highlighted sit down with music artist Ashlee Simpson Ross.

Kat Graham YouTube Trailer for the upcoming Cut Throat City

Ashlee Simpson Ross wraps up #StyleWeekOC2019.

Ashlee Simpson Ross Closing Keynote for the @Simply #StyleWeekOC2019 Newport Beach, CA

Ashlee’s upbeat charm held up to the heat and somehow she was able to keep on her Pre-Fall statement jacket. Like any true fashionista, she made it look easy.

Great engagement happened during Ashlee’s audience Q&A session. We learned that she is soon launching her own brand and it will include many categories such as kid’s clothes, handbags and no doubt many other wants and necessities.

TheChristineReport caught her reveal.

Ashlee Simpson Ross Shares On Her New Brand Drop

You know that she is married to Evan Ross, son of Diana. When asked if she and Evan talk fashion, her answer was a super-major YES! The audience’s heart was then collectively moved on the detail of how Evan sometimes helps her with her makeup. If Ashlee’s eyeliner is showing a bit crooked, Evan is known to come to her aid and make any necessary adjustments. This is the support any mother with small children needs and dreams of! They are such a cute couple- would love to see that, wouldn’t you? BTW, they dropped Phases back in March, check their Twitter preview.

Being that it is Fashion Week, of course there were a couple questions on what it is like as the daughter-in-law of literally one of the world’s most important fashion icons. The questions were lovely and civilized and Ashlee genuinely answered them in the same. In all, she shared how she is constantly learning from Diana and that she’s extremely appreciative of it.


This event has grown every year and can’t wait to see how Fall 2020 happens in THE OC.

The entire day’s panelists are definitely worth checking out for fabulous inspo, business resources and great information. Links below so you can enjoy their work and get in touch.

•             GORJANA REIDEL – Jewelry Designer,  https://gorjana.com/

•             CASSYDY BERLINER – Influencer,  https://www.instagram.com/cassydy/?hl=en

•             LO VONRUMPF – Celebrity Stylist,  http://lvrstyle.com/

•             LINDSAY ALBANESE – Founder of TOPTOTE, https://www.lindsayalbanese.com/

•             CHARLENE ROXBOROUGH – Moderator – Stylist, https://www.charleneroxborough.com/

•             COURTNEY KERR – Influencer, https://www.kerrently.com/

•             CHRISTINE KONG – Influencer, https://www.instagram.com/dailykongfidence/?hl=en

•             OLIA MAJAD – Influencer, Esthetician & Entrepreneur, http://www.loveolia.com/

•             JOYCE BONELLI – Celebrity Makeup Artist, https://www.instagram.com/joycebonelli/?hl=en

•             DIANA MADISON – Moderator – Influencer & Entrepreneur, http://www.dianamadison.com/

•             BECCA TOBIN – Actress, https://theladygang.com/about-1

•             BRANDY PHAM – http://Planoly Founder, https://www.planoly.com/

•             CASEY ‘QUIGLEY’ GOODE – Content Creator, https://officiallyquigley.com/

•             ROCKY BARNES – Influencer & Model, https://www.instagram.com/rocky_barnes/

•             LAUREL MINTZ – Moderator – Marketing Expert & CEO of Elevate My Brand, https://www.elevatemybrand.com/about

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