Goop, Detox Market Give ‘Common Sense’ Rules @BeautyTechLA – FaB Event

The recent @BeautyTechLA – Los Angeles FaB Event was full of good vibes and good feedback at its second annual gathering. It was easy to enjoy the breezy late summer weather, beautiful nosh, open bar and secluded ocean-view rooftop.  The stage was set for relaxed industry camaraderie. 

@BeautyTechLA Event

Beauty start-ups and indie brands are hot topics. The event pressed evenly on two leading issues. For start-ups raising capital, the dedicated panelists offered detailed direction along with their humorous and humbling personal experiences.

For the consumer-minded, it was an effort to articulate a single definition of ‘clean beauty’.  Just like the term ‘natural’, ‘clean beauty’ also holds no exacting legal framework. Panelists shared their individual stories of what clean beauty means to their brand and how they authenticate that with their consumer. 

Beautiful Rooftop Venue for the @BeautyTechLA Event, photo courtesy LUK Network

In near verbal unison, Romain Gaillard, founder of The Detox Market and Elise Loehnen, Chief Content Officer, Goop, offered their guidance on the matter. They agreed that the consumer should research brands closely. They then elaborated on the extreme extent that goes into vetting the brands that they each carry. Gaillard and Loehnen stated, “…let common sense…be your best guide”, and that the consumer should look closely into all that the brand stands for.

Goop and Detox Market offer common sense and their extreme vetting as the best solutions for finding ideal ‘clean beauty’ brands, photo courtesy LUK Network
Fantastic Food and Drinks at @BeautyTechLA, photo courtesy LUK Network

The brands nodded enthusiastically and described the process as the most vigorous they had ever been through.

Although ‘clean beauty’ has no one single or legal definition, gatekeepers like Goop and Detox Market make the effort of finding it much easier.

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