So You Wanna Be a Model? How Social Media Has Affected This Great Mystique

It seems impossible.  But Yes It’s Tue.  Social Media has now penetrated the  great mystique of discovering top runway models.

“Being discovered” has got to be one of the most storied-about human hopes and wishes-dream-come-true fantasies of all.  Deep down, we all want to be “made” in this life.  We want our talent, whatever it may be, to be finally, finally recognized.  And we each have our unique set of fantasized rewards that go along with it.

This is why the stories of models getting discovered are so very intriguing.  They are legendary, really.

And this is how it used to be done………

According to Harper’s Bazaar,  Gisele Bundchen was found while munching a Big Mac.  


Harper's Bazaar Lists Model Discoveries

Harper’s Bazaar Model Discoveries

Chrissy Teigen totally cops to her own disbelief in her discovery story. She was working in a Huntington Beach, CA surf shop.  14 year old Christy Turlington’s beauty was spotted by a photographer while horseback riding in Florida.

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen

My Mom told me she was approached by a photographer while she was at a bus stop.  Too young and on her own, she was reluctant to pursue it. Probably an all too common response.  Think of all the beauties we will never get to meet.

These stories of model discovery hold an aura of beautiful randomness.   A secret thing we all believed that only the most tasteful arbiters could bring forth to the masses.  A fantasy we all happily rapture in. 

And now, this is how Social Media is morphing the process………

Swipecast The New App For Fashion Talent

Swipecast The New App For Fashion Talent

Karlie Kloss in Zac Posen, Photographed by Ed Kavishe for Fashion Wire Press" by Ed Kavishe,

With Swipecast, a virtual unlimited vault of beautiful models and industry talent are available for review.  This means that the process is less about the narrow, random and mystical discovery and all about wide search capabilities.  Talent also receive more of their share and they get it faster.  Whereas talent used to receive about 66% of their booking, Swipecast says through their service, they now receive 90%.  Payments can now be received in as little as 2 days.

Read more about Swipecast in Vogue. 

On the brand endorsement side, increased speed is also yet another positive factor.  It used to take years for a model to cultivate and be recognized for their following.

This can now be reduced to months.


Some, like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, are endorsing not to just POSE, but to also POST. Advertising brand giants are all over this.          Adweek Cover Gigi HaddadRead Emma Bazalian’s Fantastic Article in Adweek

KendallJenner Allure

See More Gorgeous Photos of Kendall in the Allure Shoot

How has all this sped up so quickly?  It’s simple.

A model’s followers count is right there, for all to see.

Few of us on the planet qualify as fashion models.  Even fewer make a living at it.  Like so many other businesses, Social Media technology is democratizing the process.  Models and fashion industry talent are, in this respect, just like everybody else-they want a chance, they want to get paid as much as they can and as fast as possible.  But, are you disappointed that this may interfere with the discovery mystique? Are we clutching our pearls?

If so, then what is mystique worth?

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