Testing, Testing, Makeup Testing

Not tested on animals, but vigorously tested on the entrepreneur! When I get product requests- and if it is a product I do not often already use, it forces me to dig deeper and explore the options.

I Love This Part Of My Work!

Like a lot of statistical equations, I start with the negative and let the experience (evidence) prove the positive.

mettalusso and christine c oddo test new makeup products for the brand mettalusso
Does the evidence point to a good outcome?

As the founder of a vegan makeup brand, one of my influencers requested a setting powder. Very coincidentally, since I am launching a new liquid foundation collection, it seemed a very timely request!

Problem is, I don’t use a setting powder in my daily routine. So, I was literally starting at the beginning- and there is an endless choice in textures, formats, formulas and application methods.

Is a Setting Powder even necessary? This was my 1st question? Or is it just another thing to try and sell? I can be my own worse skeptic.

Mettalusso tests all new vegan makeup that is purpose driven and high performance
New Products At Mettalusso Can’t Just Take Up Space On The Shelves- They Have To Perform

I was getting requests to add one to the line- so I ran my own experiment while testing new formulas. TBH, I did not use one all the time on myself- so I had to run tests to be convinced that it should be in the line up. Definitely think it makes a positive difference when I do my own testing.

So here goes, this is the test. No filters, 1 take. Same hand. I edited it down to ONE formula I finally liked- think I tested about 7 submissions.

Testing A New Product!

My finding? – Foundation makeup appears to have a better look and it feels more stabilized within the setting powder.

My preference? -A super finely milled powder with a extremely firm press. Sheer shade with lightweight texture. These are my criteria for pressed powders. Definitely approved- means it’s coming soon to Mettalusso!

Mettalusso testing all new vegan setting powder

When a formula and product really perform, I imagine the benefits it can bring some one else.

As the business grows, I know that I will not be able to spend the same amount of time on these kinds of close knit efforts. Pushing a start up through these phases has so many moments. Hope to keep appreciating this one.

Enjoy The Moment

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