Democratizing Access to Digital Currency

How can anyone afford to have digital currency? All we hear about is how expensive it is.

Mettalusso is creating the solution. Do all the things you are doing now like shopping and social media with friends and family-and your pets! Get points for everything at Mettalusso. Then, you can use your points as a gift, for a discount OR- you can get a Mettacoin.

Mettacoin by Mettalusso. Stablecoin that is easy to access and affordable too.
Mettacoin Stablecoin Design

What is a Mettacoin Stablecoin?

Backed by the US Dollar, this kind of digital currency is called a Stablecoin. It’s different than cryptocurrency that is mainly backed by computer software and trading on Wall Street.

Our Mettacoin Point Program is going live this week! The Mettacoin Stablecoin is in development and will be ready soon. Stay tuned!

Finally, a way to join in on the future. Remember Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury. We are the world’s 1st glam vegan skincare, makeup and pet grooming brand.

Mettalusso. Created by @thechristinereport Celebrity #makeup #skincare creator

💯Celebrity Biz:

💋Managed Kardashian Skincare

💉Created Kat von D Makeup

👱‍♀️ Marketed Denise Richards Haircare

📺’10 Years Younger’ #realityshow #makeover @discovery TV World’s 1st Glam Vegan Company – Collections for both People + Pets!

Did you know? Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury. High Performing. Affordable. Glam. Vegan. Makeup + Skincare + Pet Products. My Vegan is Glam. Free Shipping. Code ‘Love’ for $5 off

Christine C. Oddo Founder of Mettalusso
Your grateful author and founder Mettalusso

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