Dreamy Breezy Chanel SS 2022 Couture- The End Of The Clomp?

Much was made of the horse ride on the runway. Many found it objectionable. Charlotte Casiraghi’s ride looked in control and as elegant as can be. Animal rights advocates just do not approve. What do you think?

Speaking of gallops, read on for another observation that go beyond my favorite looks.

As for the show, my fave looks were the mixed media layers. No surprise. I often gravitate to this look!

Mixed media layer fave
2nd layered look
The 3rd version of this look

There is another element that really hit me this season. The walk. No more big clomping hard-pounding galloping down the catwalk by the models. Did you notice? The music was soft, mesmerizing, entrancing. So was the walk.

Is the big-time signature model walk : the horsey-clomp on the runway over????

No More Clomping + Galloping By The Modals Down The Runway At Chanel
your grateful author and founder of Mettalusso

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