My Influencers Are Like Angels To Me

So much has been said about the state of influencers – if they are good, bad or truthful. I get all that. Maybe I am just lucky right now, but all I have are good things to share.

Truth is, I am GREAT at making makeup, but I SUCK at putting it on. Same for styling my hair. I just can’t do it. Frankly, I do not understand how influencers do it either. How in the world do they stare into a camera and put makeup on at the same time? I’ve tried, believe me you do not want to see that beauty train wreck happening!

Love this. This is Donna, she is amazing and a true pro.

I send them makeup and like angels, these beautiful looks appear. Follow @thebeautytherapistmua on Insta. Donna is a professional makeup artist and a was a Social Worker too. What a combo!

Here is Jazmine- another incredibly talented micro influencer. A huge spirit and a sassy sense of humor too.

This is Jazmine, check her on Insta with @muajazmine

Here is a before and after video with Jazmine, I added in the specific product, so people knew what she was using from my brand, Mettalusso.

Jazmine does a before and after with a full tutorial with Valentine’s in mind

Our globetrotter -here’s Sindia. Stunning style. She constantly seems to be off somewhere in some glamorous location in a far-away city. If you like adventure, style, makeup and travel all wrapped up in one beautiful woman, then she is definitely one to try and keep up with.

Sindia shared so many looks in one series that I created a special montage just to celebrate her style. Find her @beautywithsindia + @travelwithsindia
Mettalusso loves their influencers for makeup an style
Sindia effortless gives us the perfect winged eyeliner look in a crop top overlooking some glamorous city. Of course.

However these ladies do it, I am grateful and know it’s a lot of work. No matter how much bad press the Creator/Influencer Society gets, I know the good side. My plan is to keep staying on my side and keep making makeup, stay out of their way and let them do the sharing part.

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