Launching Mettacoin Cryptocurrency

Announcing the arrival and the development of Mettacoin! Mettacoin cryptocurrency is a part of the Mettalusso family! It is the world’s first cryptocurrency – a stable coin – with the theme of love. Mettalusso believes skin health supports mental health.

Love is also critical to mental health and this is our Mission. 


This is in development now….just a sneak peek at what we hope is in store. Stay tuned as details are finalized.


Mettacoin is the world’s 1st cryptocurrency created by a consumer product company and brand. Mettacoin is different from most cryptocurrency you hear about in the news. Mettacoin is a stable coin. Stable coin is cryptocurrency that is backed by real money- the kind you use everyday.

Mettacoin design. Stable Coin in Development. Stay Tuned as Details Are Finalized!


When you buy products from Mettalusso, you get points. Your points can be used in many ways! You can redeem them for discounts, new purchases AND you can use them in exchange to receive Mettacoin. THEN, you can trade your Mettacoin in to buy products and services wherever Mettacoin is accepted. 


This is the most exciting part. You can also trade in your Mettacoin for cash. Just sign up with our exchange partner and your transaction is processed from there. You can also choose from many other options such as trading and investing. 

A portion of proceeds will go to an amazing cause too! Purchase percentages of Mettalusso products and the corresponding Mettacoin transactions will go to support the Mettalusso MORIIS project. MORIIS is our initiative with the goal of making much needed OTC skincare formulas widely available at reasonable prices. Learn more about MORIIS + MISSION: Good Skin at

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