A Primer Makeup Journey

Slickery. That was the least of my problems. Breakouts. Darkened pores. This is what most Primers did to my skin. I wanted to use them, but had to quit the roller coaster ride.

Slickery is how they felt on my face. And, how my makeup looked by noon. Like it was literally sliding down my face.

Makeup Manager is the solution to Slickery Primers at http://www.mettalusso.com

Then, I would powder constantly to stabilize the day’s look. All that meant was build-up. Not a good look. You get the picture by now. This is how I felt I looked.

I felt like clown face by mid-day

Driving this reality is the ingredients in the “Silicone” family (not Silica, important difference) I am familiar because, in my career, I partnered on expanding the entire Smashbox line-up of Primers. So I am pretty familiar! This is a great concept for professional photography in a deluxe makeup studio. It performs exceptionally by creating a really smooth glossy skin surface where makeup can glide on.

Hear that ?: “smooth” + “glide” That’s exactly what was happening to the makeup on my face!

😞Lots LOVE this. Just did not work for me- at all.

That’s exactly what happens (for some) with these Primer formulas. For me, it was a mid-day makeup disaster. So, I challenged the norm. Makeup Manager is the result. It is powered by VEGAN SKINCARE, not silicones!

Makeup Manager truly creates a bonding sensation between the skin and makeup. You can see and feel it. As a new brand, I have really bit off a lot. This product, this formula, totally flies in the face of industry norm.

But my makeup totally stays on now. And now I am so happy that it can be shared with others that may have the same need.

Check out a real moment I filmed after applying Makeup Manager:

You can check it out at http://www.mettalusso.com. I love answering questions too. About anything on beauty! Email anytime!!

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