What Designer Do You Miss?

Can you miss a designer you never met? Oscar de la Renta represents the pinnacle of gentlemanly.

Love this word “gentle” + “manly”

The Oscar de la Renta show for SS22 shared as a 4 minute PR reel.

@fernandogarcia shared with @nicolephelps @voguemagazine “It allows me to stretch my legs doing video, which I love,” he said at a showroom appointment, citing video’s reach as a motivating factor. “It allows us to cut our budget and expand our deliverables.”

Balancing the fantasy of fashion and the reality of commercialization always a business consideration. Appreciating the forward acknowledgement.

Pop-ins everywhere @billieeilish #music @kathyhilton @parishilton @nickyhilton 💕💕Delighted at the focused shots in the park near the conclusion – to see the dresses that speak with the essence of this lovely house. …..80’s style short-shorts also noted along with the super wide legged floral print pants.

The Oscar de la Renta SS@@ Show Release Final Look

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