Mental Health Matters to All- Professional Athletes too

Even though the most highly trained professional athletes look like they have it all under control, we are reminded that mental health is something we all may have to deal with. Naomi Osaka was so open over her struggles over Memorial Weekend and it was exceptionally poignant. It totally affects our performance- at all levels, even day to day, let alone in a major tennis tournament.

Mental Health and the extreme importance is something I address often. Best thoughts to @naomiosaka Love seeing the massive support from the public and fellow athletes. Our physical health = mental health and vice versa. I can relate.

My story with anxiety- I have also dealt with anxiety and the feeling can be very real. It took over 10 years to get the diagnosis of an auto-immune condition to finally get a handle on it. The auto-immune condition causes m a lot of skin issues, so always dealing with both, it’s a vicious circle some days. Because I have a skincare brand, I study it often from the emotional struggles that happen from that perspective.

Mental health-or challenges with it have many, many sources. Far beyond the roots of our childhood, parents, experiences- the most common we think of. Research the link between gut health and mental health, and you are guaranteed a deep dive in a load of information.
This is the driving force in my motivation behind my products and messages.
Hope Naomi can get the assistance she needs and deserves. Her post was so open and real, it really moved me to read it, so sharing here as well.

@naomiosaka on Instagram

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