Influencers Teach Me Something Everyday

@marthastanley is so clever! She taught me how effective MISTEEE is on her lashes! WOW. Add it to the list of super gentle, yet thorough cleansing options this product delivers.
The revolutionary spray delivery gives you multi-functional options like never before for cleansing off eye makeup + face makeup + makeup brushes too. Now… we can add eyelashes to the list. A must for your skincare and cleansing routine.

Vegan and Oil Free. You will feel refreshed- not droopy or dehydrated like most cleansers leave you. Head to now for free shipping. Enter code ‘love’ for $5 off. Thank You Martha for teaching us something new today!!!!

Your grateful author and founder

MISTEEE Vegan Oil Free Gentle Effective Makeup Cleanser

Multi-Functional and gentle yet incredibly effective. No more droopy oily eyes. Cleanse eye makeup + face makeup + brushes – and we learn lashes too!! Free standard shipping. Always enter code ‘love’ for $5 off.


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