Much Too Much….Wellness?

Hello LOVERS! Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey. New Episode.

Is the pursuit of too much wellness making us more anxious? Mettie + Lunah are caught up in it. MOON the Cat sees right through it.

So, what is wellness anyways? Are we done trying to figure it out?

There is fresh noise in the world. I hear it. Seems we are tired of trying to be well.

There are so many messages on how to do it. So many ways to spend money on it. $14 Trillion- that is the size of the wellness industry. That is how much money we spend on it.

No wonder it feels sooooo overdone. We are doing so much more to contain the mental and physical toll of daily challenges


**About half of all men and women say they feel MORE stressed in the last 5 years.

** Moms rate themselves as an 8.5/10 for stress levels

**About 38% of men shared they cried at work. How are you doing?

Do you agree that you might be doing more than ever to contain stress and anxiety, yet feel it more than ever?

Your story or any pop culture you’d like to share? Mettalusso.

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