#metoo 2018 Vs 2022; Heard Vs Depp

You have heard- and probably seen – the endless courtroom clips of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp tearing each other apart. The Jury just went to deliberations as I type this post! They basically are suing each other for huge sums of money over domestic violence and false allegations.

Amber Heard kicked off the whole issue with her 2018 Washington Times article on domestic abuse. Johnny Depp has refused to be openly accused of such a thing.

Heard labels Depp as a “powerful man” – meaning he had power over her.

So here we go.

jonny depp in court featured in The Christine Report
Depp in court

The present got me to thinking of the past. Back in 2018, the topic of women/domestic abuse/sexual harassment was in full speed. We all watched as it seemed every allegation was a done-deal “guilty” in the court of public opinion and beyond. Some also say it was the fuel to the genesis of cancel culture as well.

In 2018, #metoo was everywhere in the media and culture.

In 2017/2018, there are a lot of very high profile #metoo events that were covered extensively covered:

  • Bill Cosby got a 30-year sentence for sexual assault.
  • While in hope of becoming a supreme court judge, Brett Kavanaugh sat through hours of accusations from Christine Blasey Ford.
  • Les Moonves, the head of CBS, stepped down due to sexual misconduct reports.
  • Famed Chef, Mario Batali stepped away from all his media engagements and 3 restaurants closed down.
  • Another CBS stalwart, Charlie Rose, faced his allegations of sexual harassments and CBS suspended him.
  • In a statement to the New York Times, comedian Louis C.K. admitted to masturbating in front of 5 women.
  • Kevin Spacey also was reported as “predatory” against a 14 year old male- AND just last night there are more reports coming out on him from the UK.
  • Harvey Weinstein- the maker of some of our most memorable movies- The New Yorker Magazine published that an additional 13 MORE women come forward with accusations that included three accounts of rape. 
Spacey in House Of Cards

There are more-but this list makes the obvious point. The other point- most of these did not go to court. Business deals were unwound, and actors were fired. Agree with it or not- that is how it went.

That’s why the Depp-Heard case feels and looks different to me. Social Media sentiment is clearly in support of Johnny Depp. The hash tag is now #justiceforjohnnydepp

Quite a change in sentiment. A topic that was a cultural slam dunk is now being played out in a huge court case that started in….2018. How will it go? I think it depends on the verdict! This could be a paradigm shift. What do you think?

Let’s watch together to see how we all feel about this issue -and how social sentiment has OR has not changed since #metoo 2018.

Your grateful author and founder of Mettalusso

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