Oprah’s Thyroid- This Is So Important

Oprah recently shared that her doctor mis-diagnosed her and said she had a heart condition. She did not – she has a thyroid condition. His reasoning was he “did not want to be the one to lose her”. That’s so crazy to me, but NOT SURPRISING!

Why? Because I went through the same exact thing. For 10 YEARS my thyroid condition was also was mis-diagnosed and non-diagnosed. It was not good. Was not sure I had much life left in me to go. I was pretty certain that if I did not get help soon, I would probably die in a couple of years. Yes, it was that bad. 

Christine C. Oddo shares why getting your thyroid checked is so important and how Oprah Winfrey received a bad diagnosis on hers
Be Sure To Get Your Thyroid Check- It Gets Overlooked and Misdiagnosed Too Many Times!

I felt terrible. It was difficult beyond reality. But, after finally getting to the right doctor and spending a few years resetting my metabolism, I made it through.
I now have to deal with a lot of auto-immune issues, but its managed on a daily basis.

If I can help just ONE person with this information, then that is everything to me. I learned a lot through the process. If you feel you need some support and not sure where to start, you can go to the American Thyroid Association at www.thyroid.org

All the best to you on your journey of wellness.

Christine C. Oddo founder Mettalusso
Your grateful author, Hashimoto’s patient and founder Mettalusso

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