Strange Shopping. It’s Arrived.

Just a couple quick questions:

*Would you purchase a car you could never drive?

*Buy artwork that would never see the walls of your home?

*Pick out clothes you could never wear?

If you said yes to any of these, you have a lot of company. And I mean a lot of company- check out these numbers:

A Recent Study Confirms The Importance of Virtual Shopping. Yes, Its Really Arrived.

Gamers have been on this a while already. Mainstream brands are rolling in. Purchasers say “wearing” or using highly recognizable brands in a virtual setting carries as much prestige, mutual signals of recognition, and personal expression as in our real life.

The recent Volkswagen NFT release in Latin America totally proves this true. The collection, called “Blackout” sold out in 2 hours. The quote:

“We believe that NFT is ceasing to be a myth to the public, as it is gaining more visibility and robustness in the market. And the possibility of acquiring NFTs by credit card, pix, and cryptocurrency also contributed to the success of the action,” says Vanin. The success made Volkswagen and OnePercent anticipate the launch of a new collection this Friday (22).

Virtual Goods shopping is here predictions by Christine C. Oddo
The Volkswagen NFT “Digital Garage” Release Sold Out in 2 Hours.

I call this “Social Currency”. You have heard endlessly of “Digital Currency”. Its all a new valuation of money and valuation of how we present ourselves and interact across all forms of our lives.

Our personal lives and digital presence are undergoing a whole new valuation scheme.

As a marketer, I firmly believe that technology will bring us to share ourselves and our possessions with greater reach in – yet to be seen – huge ways.

This will create new markets, new advertising inventory, new shopping mechanisms and new ways to communicate.

I always embrace what’s on the next horizon- and I always keep a watchful eye, too.

Thoughts on this shopping future that is upon us? Share anytime.

Your grateful author and founder Mettalusso

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