Jack Says Why You Will Never Be Able To Edit Yor Tweet

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Elon, Elon, Elon. It’s been a busy pair in the news this week. The short of it is he thinks Twitter could be doing a lot more- and a lot differently – and that he is the guy for the job. Twitter has let him, and the markets, know they are not interested in having Elon on the team. With that, just today, they put a ‘poison pill’ guard on their stock so Elon could not take them over.

So far, all the major social media platforms have pretty much remained in the hands and influence of their original founders. It will be interesting to see if that changes anytime soon. The conversation about the concentration of power within big tech companies has been relit. Elon does not go away easily.

Most of the major social media platforms remain in the influence of their original founders.

We have learned a lot about Elon Mush this week. maybe too much. He admitted to a room full of journalists how and when he like to send out a Tweet.

He admits getting bored. He sends them, well…um…when he is sitting on the “throne”. If you get what we mean. Can’t make this stuff up.

Now We Know Where Elon Musk’s Best Tweets Come From

Elon also makes a case for the missing ‘edit’ button in Twitter. There is none. Twitter says it will never happen. Jack Dorsey, one of the original Twitter founders, in 2020 he shares why.

Would it be interesting to have a non-social media tech giant own a social media platform? Or is Elon so adept at all tech; that it’s actually a seamless opportunity? Do you think he would do a better job than current management? LMK your thoughts on social media- I’m on all of them, not just on Twitter!

Christien C. Oddo founder Mettalusso and author The Christine Report
your grateful author and founder Mettalusso

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