Are You 69?

A crazy question, I know. The most interesting coincidence happened yesterday. Some good and some less than good. To explain- you may have heard of the unfortunate announcement by Demi Moore yesterday. Via her Instagram, she let everyone know about Bruce Willis’s medical condition.

This is a pre-announcement Instagram post by Demi Moore. With Bruce Willis

There had been rumors, but nothing was yet confirmed-until Demi let it out. Her share was really sweet. They have been through a lot together. It was a very deep kind of sentiment. You can feel it with some couples- they have been a serious life journey together. Their journey, so big, transcends everything they have been through.

Demi’s Announcement Regarding Bruce

Aphasia. That’s really tough. Bruce is 67, but an ageless Actor-Icon.

This was the news I read in the morning- like everyone else.

Last night, I went to a Scorpions Concert. Yes, that band. Loud. Head banging. A million rock ballad top hits.

Guess how old the lead singer and guitarist are? 67.

The music. The energy. Their talent. It was all really incredible. I was grateful with being able to see them. “Rock You Like A Hurricane” Iconic.

A band still rocking. A celebrity with unfortunate news. They are both 67. They are living extremely different realities right now.

Scorpions Rock Band image created by Mettalusso Founder Christine C. Oddo author The Christine Report
The German Rock Band. Founded in 1965. Icons.

It’s an unpredictable process. Each age brings something different to each of us. Yesterday was an incredible reminder to appreciate each number in the journey.

founder of mettalusso and author of the christine report christine c. oddo
your grateful author and founder of Mettalusso

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