2 Primers?? Yes It’s Possible

2 Primers? Yes, it works. Makeup Manager + Master Blender 1 works as a bonding agent, and 1 works as an Illuminator. Both are loaded with skincare + vegan. Your makeup will last longer.

You can wear less layers with more benefits. Intentionally designed. 1 functions as a bonding sensation between skin and makeup. Whisper thin texture. The other is a tinted illuminating moisturizer. Both have the most essential skincare ingredients you need everyday. They enhance each other.

I created the line-up of Smashbox Primers back when they totally expanded the collection. This professional experience always stayed with me and I have always been fascinated with the performance of Primers.

2 Primers? Yes it works. 1 Bonds and 1 Illuminates Both at Mettalusso
Christine C. Oddo founder Mettalusso
Thank you. always, your grateful author and founder Mettalusso. XOXOXO, Christine

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