Superbowl + Social Cues

Wherever there is a massive crowd, there are social cues. As a consumer products professional, I am always on the hunt for what’s being said – and not said, in these environments.

Social cues are often unintentional. On the other hand, they can also be completely orchestrated. Either way, they can share clues on the zeitgeist of the moment.

Did you notice the celebrities, politicians and fans throughout at the Superbowl in So-Fi Stadium yesterday?

Were they wearing masks? Pretty much a big NO.

Face masks at the Superbowl? Not so much.
The No Mask Huddle- Los Angeles Garcetti Holding His Mask (+ and a drink) With Others At Superbowl 2022

This montage of notables having a blast, mixing it up and just simply enjoying themselves was quite on point.

Thanks @claytravis

You can see that this post is notably unhappy about the situation. Understood. This is not about vilifying anyone not wearing a mask. That’s quite covered by many others. We already all know about the fist pounding, teeth-clenching and mind-bending hypocrisy sensation we feel that’s created by those that are making the laws- but are not following them.

Do you believe in the wisdom of crowds? The Superbowl was a celebratory event.

The truckers in Canada — and all that joined them, was also a massive event. This was not celebratory, though. 

2 massive crowds. Were they signaling the same message?  2 massive crowds. Were they signaling the same message? 2 Different styles. Again, there are many opinions on each event, but that is still not the discussion point shared here. In the end, it seems they were both signaling for the same desires for the return of certain social freedoms. 

Watching and Being at the Superbowl- Celebratory Expression

Social Cues. Expressed extremely differently, but with the same message. The return of social freedoms. 

Are the cues on cue? If they are not heard, maybe we will hear even more.

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