Positioning + The “BIG” Peloton Death

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When I enjoy entertainment, I am just like any other fan – except with a bit of a twist. My marketing mind is always on dual blast. I can’t help it. It’s the same thing when I walk into a retail store.

This is what goes on. On one level, I am totally into the entertainment. On the other level, I am analyzing everything. It’s simultaneous. Sounds exhausting, I know, but I actually love it. In digital, it’s scripts, scenery, wardrobes and characters. At retail, I check signage, floor layout, promotions, the music being played and displays.

The Brain in multiple modes of simultaneous between joy + analysis.

So, when the new ‘Sex In The City series extension ‘And Just Like That’ premiered on HBO MAX plot turned sad, my mind went into hyper-analysis to try and figure it all out.

…oh wait a minute…there is still supposed to be a spoiler alert inserted here?.?.?.

Spoiler Alert! Just in Case You Have Not Seen the ‘Sex In The City’ extension series ‘And Just Like That’

OK, ready? By now, we all know that Chris Noth, aka ‘Big’, dies of a heart attack immediately after a home-based Peloton class. Sent fans reeling!

It also sent Peloton reeling. I also heard that, supposedly, that Peloton had agreed to be in the series, but did not know this was the plot twist. We can save that supposed corporate blunder and detail for another discussion. This is about the Peloton PR Crisis disaster.

Instant PR crisis time. From a purely fictional show, the rap on Peloton quickly shifted to a ‘Death by Peloton’ moment. Their public stock sank. Worse yet, this is on the heels of a real-life incident where a family lost their child in a Peloton related accident earlier this year.

Mr. Big dies after a Peloton Ride-what this teaches us about a PR crisis- by @thechristinereport
The Scene of Peloton Ride and Death of Mr. Big in HBO’s New Series “And Just Like That”.

“Having a PR Crisis” – is a term we have heard many times. It’s also a huge topic. When we, as marketers, go in for the fix, we have to be very focused in crafting the attack plan. The focus in this instance is POSITIONING. Peloton’s sudden problem became their POSITIONING. Positioning is one of my favorite concepts. It is always 2-sided. We often forget that. In a positive sense, Positioning is something positive that we craft for a brand, a company and even for ourselves. Lots of effort goes into creating proper Positioning. But – it is also something that can be DONE to a brand. In other words – something can be shockingly RE-POSITIONED from an outside source any day, any time.

It can happen to brands, companies, product and people too!

RE-Positioning Is Something That – From An Outside and Unrelated Source – Can Happen To Any Brand, Company or Person Any Day or Time.

Peloton Went From A Company That Created Health to One That Can Cause Death. That’s RE-Positioning in real time.

Peloton responded immediately. In only a couple days, they had their message out. In a TV ad Chris Noth and Ryan Reynolds vouched that he was very much alive. It was great. It was upbeat.

Then, in another crazy turn of events, Noth is accused out-of-the-blue of rape and sexual harassment. It’s by 2 women he met a very long time ago. The upbeat star-studded ad gets pulled.

Peloton + Noth Handle Their Crisis in Positioning – Only To Have Noth Be Suddenly Accused Of Sexual Assault Charges – The RE-Positioning Happens Again

RE-Positioning can happen unexpectedly, suddenly and to anything or anyone in our personal and professional lives.

Always watch positioning. For yourself, your brand and company – everything. Because, it can change…..Just Like That.

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