Skincare versus Skin Treatment – Is There A Difference?

Yes. There is a difference between these two. It’s way more than just semantics.

A difference between skin CARE and skin TREATMENT???

Oh Yes! When I create my product- it’s my entire strategy + philosophy

The difference between my skin TREATMENT and skin CARE when developing product, I share that the philosophies and strategies is massive at Mettalusso.

🧬🩺Treatment should be designed to make a change for the good in your skin. You use it totally on it’s own merit and performance. You benefit from the effect going forward.


💋Care. I create SKINCARE so that it will power up your makeup- while receiving maximum anti-aging benefits. I always test my skincare formulas – as they work with makeup. If the formula does not create enhanced color cosmetic performance, then it’s no good to me.

👎Too much skincare worn under makeup actually degrades your color cosmetic performance.Seen it over and over again in my career.

This is why my 2 Primers @mettalusso create makeup bonding sensations and are loaded with skincare ingredients.

Vegan is Glam is Mettalusso. Come See How It’s Done.

Mettalusso Believes Skin Health Supports Mental Health.

We create Love with our pet + skincare + beauty products.

FREE SHIPPING. CODE ‘LOVE FOR $5 OFF Vegan Is Glam Here. Come Check How It’s Done.

Created by Founder @thechristinereport + @mettalusso : #celebrity branding #makeup + #skincare – managed #kardashian skincare collection, created #katvond makeup collection and ’10 Years Younger’ #realityshow #makeover @discovery TV, marketer of Denise Richards #haircare brand.

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