Mettalusso Knows The Love Between People + Pets Is Real

We Know For Certain This Bond, This Love, Between People + Pets is Very Real.

That’s why we became the world’s first company to create collections of glam vegan products for both people + pets. 

The pet products are all high quality – high performing – vegan – affordable and formulas are properly adjusted for the correct pH for pets’ delicate skin and hair.

Everyday is #TGIF for Your Furbaby! Why Not?

See all that we have to offer for your Fur Baby. We know you will love all our products and especially the Mousse Shampoo- no extra water necessary! Add code ‘glossybrush’ to your check out and get your complimentary grooming brush.

Good for kittens, puppies and seniors too.

Free Standard Shipping in The US. 

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