Influencers Are test Pilots too!

Lunah Lusso says Influencers are our Test Pilots! They try our newest proposed product ideas and formulas. (nod to the recent successful rocket launches!)

Thank you to @muajazmine @thebeautytherapistmua @marthastewart @phoenixrising112 for Testing all new Mettalusso products and formulas!

ANNOUNCING our newest Primer + Skincare : Makeup Manager
With your support, Mettalusso has launched a whole new Vegan Product Category –“Liquid Skincare“.

Creating New Liquid Skincare Category So There Is Less Between You, The Product and Performance

Makeup Manager is A LIQUID Primer that is completely filled with VEGAN skincare ingredients. We were tired of primers that actually cause slip, not stay!
Makeup Manager is totally different. It creates a bonding-like sensation between your skin and makeup. Our GLAM liquid formulation creates a no texture feel and look. No excessive fillers between you, your skincare ingredients and powering up your color cosmetics!Watch for more announcement on this exciting new product release! Mettalusso believes skin health supports mental health.

Christine C. Oddo author The Christine Report, founder Mettalusso
your grateful author and founder/inventor

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