Pets Beat Out Celebrity In PR Event!

Had the most fascinating experience this week. Huge PR event. Was digital. It was awesome and I was really excited to share the “real” launch of Mettalusso – FINALLY after a year of the soft launch through Covid.

Most of you know that Mettalusso is the world’s first brand of glam vegan beauty with products for people and pets. AND…. you know that I have a background in developing and marketing products for celebrities.

Here’s how it went.

So, of course for the event I was coached to press mostly with my celebrity background. Made sense. For certain, we all thought that the reporters were obviously going to find that the most interesting. I managed the Kardashian’s skincare brand. I made the Kat von D makeup line for Sephora. I also marketed the Denise Richards Haircare Collection- no doubt this was anticipated as the most talked about element in the pitch session.


I was so nervous, as this was my 1st big event for the company. I completely over-prepared. After my entire presentation- guess what all the questions were on—–you guessed it——–THE PETS!!!!! There were literally ZERO questions about my celebrity brand management background.

It made me so happy. People love pets more than they love celebrities. But, we always knew that— right??!??

You can catch the video presentation below.

Christine C. Oddo founder and CEO Mettalusso the world's first glam vegan beauty brand with products for both people and pets.
your grateful author and founder

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