Mettalusso Re-Usable Glam Bags on Earth Day

 celebration! Mettalusso is an indie #brand, came up with a way to maximize packaging with less waste! Not easy for a newbie, but think we have something fun and authentic.
Mettalusso outer packaging is resealable gold foil pouches. Can totally reuse for whatever you want over and over again! Travel items, pet items, things that get lost in your purse, car or desk- we all have these spaces right???
Can’t miss the shine of these goodies, sort of obsessed with them…easy to spot anywhere.
No need to toss these handy pouches away!
You can write on them too to make a note of new contents, or re-label and write on top! Yes, Get #creative !!
PS our tissue is also from recycled materials.
How #glam is this?

Founder of Mettalusso and blogger Christine C. Oddo
Your grateful author working on a new medical skincare product!

#recycle#reallife#recycledfashion#recycledmaterials#reuse#fashionista#fashionblogger#makeup#makeupblogger#reducereuserecycle#design#contentcreator #sustainability

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