Love, Love, Love New Makeup Product Launches!

Love, Love Love launching new makeup! My goal is to always bring glam to vegan products that multi-task+ inclusive for all skin tones. MASTER BLENDER Primer is lightweight + a touch of illumination.

Skincare Blended with Hyaluronic acid + Anti-Oxidants.

Wear as 1st layer or alone as a complexion smoother for a natural look.


MASTER BLENDER Primer + Skincare

Free Shipping in the US! Enter code ‘Love’ for $5 off. This sheer natural looking illuminating formula is full of skincare ingredients. You can use it as a first layer Primer or wear alone as a lightweight moisturizer that smooths and enhances your complexion. Super Sheer and complexion enhancing shade for all skin tones. Lightly illuminated for a natural glow. The no-slip feel and texture helps hold makeup. The sheer weight and light illumination blends with all skin tones to prep and smooth for your complete makeup routine. Multi-tasks as skincare with hyaluronic acid, allantoin, squalane, glycerin, larch tree extract (Glactoarabinan) and anti-oxidant Vitamins A, B, C and E.


your grateful author and founder

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