Love Between People + Pets Is So Real

I KNOW the love between people + pets is so very real! That’s why I created Mettalusso as the world’s 1st ever vegan clean beauty brand with products for both people + pets. 2 for 1 Dog Baked Treat Special NOW!
Dogs absolutely love, love, love Mettalusso Baked Biscuit Treats. 2 for 1 Special NOW!


Enter code ‘TREAT’

2 for 1 Deal 100% All Natural Flavored. No GMOs
Baked Dog Treats
Blueberry and Turkey Sweet Potato Flavors
Mix n’ Match Special

Free standard shipping.100% all real food and natural flavors in Blueberry or Turkey Sweet Potato.

Mix n’ Match flavors for your furbaby.

MORE Pet Collection. Mettalusso. Metta is Love. Lusso is Luxury.

The Pets of Mettalusso.

Manfred + Molly + Moon

your grateful author

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