Where Glam Meets Vegan

Those I work with often give me so much inspiration. They reinforce why I do what I do. They keep me going. Recently sent one of my influencers the newest Vegan Eye Color Stick from Mettalusso MATITA Collection

(say Mah – tee – tah It’s Italian for Pencil!)

and the next week, this amazing makeup look pops up on Instagram.

@thebeauytherapistmua on Instagram using Mettalusso
MATITA Color Stick in Cleopatra Shade.

Her look is so beautiful and balanced and real life – everything I always hope for when I create new product.

Love the idea of vegan makeup, but when I looked around, I just knew that I had to do it differently. I believe we can have it both ways- Vegan + Glam! No boring white packaging here! The Mettalusso look is Bold Natural.

Must also give this special beauty influencer her well-deserved acknowledgement. She is a professional makeup artist, a recently retired social worker, a MOM and a Dog Mom to a couple of Frenchies. And a hilarious sense of humor too. Hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!!!

your grateful author


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