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One of my influencers, Tatjana, made a passing comment the other day. Her tone felt a bit hesitant. She said she was thinking of re-constructing her blog after being hacked. Time and commitment required for sure.

It got me reflecting on the sensations of posting on social media and blogs. It is an interesting contradiction.

Blogging + Posting Can Be A Lonely Sport

Post something fabulous on social media, and yes, it is exciting. Then, suddenly, sometimes a sense of loneliness washes over. We ask ourselves, did my share make a difference?

Will anyone notice?

Most of you reading this also blog and post. Obviously, none of us are alone in this sensation!

I am here to tell you that yes, you do make a difference. All that you see here is because we met online. We have never met in person- yet Tatjana and I have created as professional and supportive warm professional relationship as anyone I have ever worked with.

Tatjana the Influencer on Instagram

Tatjana is a super talented individual. She is an Influencer and so much more. Fierce Thinker. Quick Witted. Pet Lover. Professional Hollywood Makeup Artist (you should see her special effects stuff, wow!). Outdoor enthusiast. Yoga lover. Musician. Model. I instantly responded to Tatjana’s style. We connected on Instagram. Additionally, Tatjana is a filmmaker, actress, and as mentioned, also a blogger.

Tatjana High Fashion Modeling
Tatjana the Short Movie Maker (edited by me for re-posting on Instagram)

Since my brand Mettalusso has products for both people + pets, I happily sent her both my makeup and pet grooming products. The fur babies:

Buffy + River

On her blog, she also recently reviewed MIST, my vegan revolutionary spray cleanser. Fantastic Review on how MIST cleanses off makeup on eyes + brushes. Thank You! Check Her Full Post.

MIST Vegan Clean Beauty Revolutionary Spray Cleanser

It seems pretty amazing that all this content blossomed from one simple social media connection. I truly hope this message stays with you. The next time you post your share, please remember, you are not alone.

Your Grateful Author

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